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I'm water?

url=http://www.youthink.com/quiz.cfm?action=go_detail⊂_action=take&obj_id=1351]What is your true element?

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water Calm, friendly, and shy. You never seem to change yet people see you as the same. You have lots of friends because of your shy friendly nature.


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I want it all!!

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Must See's!!


I'm a gamer so i'll try just about anything that looks interesting. Anime wise I seen to many to list.

My hobbies would be reading, lisnting to music, playing games (of cource), creating storys, and whatching tv. Not very intereating i know.

I don't eat much and by that i don't eat a lot of meat and no i'm not a vegaterian. And yes my spelling is bad.

I don't really like sharing my persanol life but i can tell you i'm queit around people i know but around people i'm close to i'm very talktive.

I have one Cat. His name is Shadow. We (my family) use to have 3 rabbits and another cat but they all past away.

I'm a fantasy fantic and have a crazy imagination. Sometimes though it gets a little crazy and i start blurting out random or insane things.

I don't play sports. The only time i'll play them is when I need the exrices. Expect for dogeball and kickball. Is lasertag consider a sport? I really don't know. sad

I mostly listen to Metal and Techno. Plus some of them I find of Video Games. Oddly enough i also listen to Japanse music and know a little of it. (By little i really do mean little.)

I love Dragons, Wolfs, Griffens, Phoenixs, Unicorns... to some all up I like alot mythcail creatures. I like Red and Silver. Unforntly most of my clothes are most dark colors.

(Waring!! Randomnes in 3...2...1) If i was in a Fantasy World I would specalize in Magic and Weapan tranformation (In other words I would practly use every kind weapen) I would also b able summon creatures to my aid. My main elements would be Fire, Wind, and Darkness. I would be deifen as a demi god (part god part human) and also travle through time in space. (I sound over power. I know)

Things i hate: Chores, toyers (People who miss with some one emotions.), Sinpers, ghosts, lizards, snakes, and horror movies. Twiligt I wouldn't say i hate but i'm getting tried of hereing about so its more neterual.

The only speacil talent i have is when i get hyper or work up i have just about infinite energy to spare. If you could see how i look in real life you wouldn't believe it. But i have made a lot of people jaws drop and eye's bug out.

Books/Manga i like to read: Avalon serios by Rachel Robert. The Bartiameus Trilogy. The Fire Within Sereris. .Hack//G.U . Kingdom Hearts. MegaMan. World of Warcarft. Garfeild. and Spiral. There are other but can't remmenber at the moment.

Well thats it. If i go any deeper we would be in my personal life. Thank You for reading and good bye for now. smile

Oh one thing i forgot. I only expect friend request if we have meet before and sat down and talk. (Real world and Gaia world)


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Hello everyone!

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lotte pepero Report | 12/18/2012 1:13 am
lotte pepero
Omigosh it's been a long time!!
lotte pepero Report | 11/23/2012 4:08 pm
lotte pepero
Heya. smile
Serrated Maiden Report | 09/18/2012 1:37 am
Serrated Maiden
*Peers at with a head tilt, adjusting glasses every so often*
Spyroflame22 Report | 04/28/2012 10:54 pm
I. miss. you. Kayy? rolleyes scream
Autumn71 Report | 11/22/2011 7:32 am
OMY GOSH!! LONG TIME NO SEE TOO!! biggrin ive been doing really well,and ive been playing a game called Perfect World lately,and i wanted to say hi and how are you?im going to be on Gaia more often now xDD biggrin smile
Evianae Report | 08/12/2011 8:07 pm
No worries smile
Evianae Report | 08/12/2011 8:00 pm
Very true.
Evianae Report | 08/12/2011 7:45 pm
a LOT to make things different than they are now, but then again if I did, I wouldn't be who I am today personality wise, so it's a hard toss up.
Evianae Report | 08/12/2011 7:39 pm
Yeah I totally do.
Evianae Report | 08/12/2011 7:33 pm
Im doing pretty well, bored as heck but oh well.

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Passing Through

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Tales of the Abyss opening.

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