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Azura Cantarella

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Registered: 01/22/2005

Location: Cantarella Manor, Isles de Gambino

Occupation: Interdimensional Tourist, Freelance Alchemist

You're actually interested in me?

'Lo there. I'm Azura Cantarella. You can call me Azura for short. Unless there happens to be another Azura nearby. xp

The Character

"I may look like rich blood, but don't let that fool you. I'm a simple gal who's not afraid to get roughed up and loves adventure, thus I've become an avid traveler of worlds. And I'm happily taken by a man named Zaul Oleander, thank you very much."

[joint ic ask/rp tumblr with zaul oleander]

The Person Behind the Avatar

I'm a 30-year-old who, admittedly, never really "grew up". My hobbies include drawing and videogames. I'm actually ridiculously shy in real life, so I'm not one to initiate conversations. My horrible anxiety issues aren't helping that either.

You won't find me around the main forums much. I'm often in my guild, the Tales Series Guild.

[personal tumblr] | [deviantart]

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Fund my addiction to Starlit items. classified_omnomkiki Please and thanks. xd

If I`m selling something big, I don`t mind FAIR item trades either. I know my prices. ;O Stuffs on my wishlist are luff. heart Just PM me to discuss it. :3 If I am not interested, though, I won`t answer. Sorry.


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A Song That Is Stuck In My Head

STALKERS!!! *point*

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Ifris on 06/27/2019
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Oathkeeper_Princess on 06/20/2019

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