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Tha Bunny Man Report | 03/21/2013 11:57 pm
Where art thou crying
XxKinari the lost soulxX Report | 12/26/2012 11:17 pm
Looove the avi heart
Tha Bunny Man Report | 12/11/2012 9:11 pm
Haru~ dont know if youll log on soon but Id not, early Merry Christmas c: -Remy
ultimatedarkness Rules Report | 08/29/2012 10:22 pm
i love you HARU!!! biggrin
Tha Bunny Man Report | 07/22/2012 7:50 pm
Haru~!! 4laugh

Sorry I haven't replied in a bit but this time I really will soon emotion_facepalm

I really hope you've been well though =^.^=

Excstasy Report | 02/17/2012 8:28 pm
thank you for buying <33
-o-Allison-o- Report | 02/12/2012 10:30 am
Thanks for buying
RemBlu Report | 02/09/2012 3:40 pm
Mhm, me too T.T

I used to have nightmares everyday before I started boxing, they were more like weird dreams too but,
I always ended up awakening feeling bad or strange so to me weird dreams are nightmares basically >.<

I did have a nightmare in the same night as you did tough emotion_zombie <-- Pretty scary :/

What were your nightmares that came true about? If you don't mind me asking, you don't have to tell me
though, I'm just glad Kami's OK T T

Yeah, I did receive your PM, about two weeks ago 3nodding BUT.. I didn't send a reply out soon cuz I didn't
want to bombard you with a super long message knowing how busy you are sweatdrop Besides, I always
take my time with your PMs with all the emotes and story telling, etc. xd I was planning on sending it out this
week : D I have the day off from training tomorrow say yeah 3nodding I'll send it out very soon :3

I hope you have a super nice day, Kami~ ^___^
RemBlu Report | 02/08/2012 11:36 am
Kami!! D: I hope your nightmares stop, I had some of the worst ones last night, too emo Hope you've been OK aside from the bad dreams though 3nodding

Have a super-duper special week with no more nightmares ^___^
Lady Neewby Report | 02/04/2012 3:01 pm
Thank you for buying emotion_bigheart