Hi! My name is Mimi! I'm a manga/anime addict. If you know a good one and it is not on my Interest list then tell me, so I can try it. I'm Vietnamese. I can speak in Vietnamese and English fluently. But I can also speak a little in Spanish, French, Filipino, German and Japanese. I'm very interested in the Japanese culture. I'm out to learn Japanese. I want to go to Japan one day. I love music. I listen to almost all kinds because with me it would really depend on the song. I also listen to multi-language songs. I prefer Japanese and English most of the time. I like to write poems. They are really random and terrible poems but you can read them if you want to. They are located in my journal. I'm a retard whose brain was disintegrated by my other retarded friends from school. I'm one of those crazy, weird, idiotic, moronic, demented retards. If you don't like it then don't be my friend. But it's also because of those traits that I know how to have fun and make all of my friends smile and laugh no matter what happens and also to somewhat enjoy life. Yes, I said somewhat...I say that because not everything in life can be perfect. You can send me PMs or comment on my profile or comment/advice my sucky poems in my journal. I accept all friend requests so girls, if you just want to talk and hang out then I'm your girl. Guys, if you want the insight of a girl who can hang out with guys without being totally girly and still know what you're talking about then I'm your girl. Yes, I weird like that. I can be girly and talk to girls or be a big tomboy and wrestle the boys without having the boys go easy on me. Okay, now that's all of the big things about me. If you want to venture into the deeper, hidden details then be my guest. All you would have to do is send me a friend request. Okay, that rhymed but I didn't do that on purpose. I just haven't written a poem in a couple days and so I guess my heart's passion for poetry is beginning to overfill. When it does overfill then I start talking in rhymes. Weird, isn't it.

This is one of those sucky poems that I write. This one is one of the rare ones where I actually wrote it without being stuck in the writer's block gutter. My friends have complimented me a lot on this poem. So now I will share this to the world and prove to my friends that my poem is terrible.

The Truth Within My Eyes

As I look into your eyes, I want to tell you everything
I don't know how to say it but I want you to know
You can find the answers in the lines I'm writing

Your eyes are so beautiful and they seem so true
So each and every day, I come and see
As I look deeply into them, I wonder can I trust them, can I trust you

But can you look as deep into mine with ease
Can you see past my cheerful exterior
Could you dry the tears no one else sees

See? Now wasn't that terrible? Comment on my profile to tell me what you think of my poem. I have more poems in my journal but a lot of people prefer this one. If you want to read more sucky poems then go ahead but the other poems in my journal was written when I was in the writer's block gutter, so they suck even worse than the one that you have just read.

By the way NO STEALING!!! If you want my sucky poems for some strange reason then please ASK me first! I will report people that I find taking my poems without asking me first. So please be nice and ask.


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Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.


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i really like your profile and your avatar i ts very cool

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hey hows it going? its been a long time.

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Happy Birthday biggrin

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Aw, that's no fun.

I never study. :]

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Unfortunately not. I didn't do anything differently that day than any other day. :/
Oh, but what's new with you? c:

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Thank you for the comment on my birthday. :3

Please excuse this hideously late comment. My internet crashed for two weeks. :c

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Vote for my house in the arenas please!
its named "my subconscious mind"
thanks a lot!

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is everybody else there burnt? XD