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dissapointed? toobad.

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&& this is my 2nd ever account on gaia.
first was devilzlilangel. which was changed into .devi.panda.
now i have lost that accounts password.

i am a 04 member. first joined feb02.
some ppl might know me as something else
l o l
btw i get bored easily.

[[ if you do know me.
please don't give it away kay? ]]

you might be smarter than i think Px
cause i know few ppl have figured it out.
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friends that i have made on this account;; many have left.
when i looked through my friendslist. most of them were little red 'x's. not encouraging. i would love for my old friends to add me on my current account. you'll be cool. xD i don't want any comments or pms from random ppl on this account. its annoying. and i'm nvr on in the first place. when i have nothing to do i just might answer friends though haha. kay i'm done.

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au revoir.


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domo arigato mister robato