Been off for a looong time. Just actually had a full life for a while. Found some free time now and maybe i'll pop on and off the site for a bit. Serious roleplay withdrawal happening now. Haven't played for ages *sigh* Hope to find some new friends on here but mostly just looking for a few great roleplayers. I'm always open to a new scenarios. Just message me with the start of a rp and i'll respond.


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The In Real Life Chronicles

Lets see, this shall be a place for me to vent all my worries and frustrations out onto. I doubt anyone shall read it and so it will work quite well ^^ A day to day accounting of my life, yes i dont' advice reading it too long ><


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Hi.Would u like 2 b my friend???????????

Just send me a message and ill respond back.
Please i need some new friends!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seek the shadows
Its quiet there
No one to question
No one to care