This is teh best it getz ^
User ImageOk looky here ima INtroduce u to the Best b***h there is to kno aka Me :] So boyz and bitches get ur questions ready and haters take notes .... OK Wel my Names Ashley Renne Look me up X] Im Mexican Cuban Porterican Nd Indian . Wierd Mix I no x_x , Buht its my mix So dont trip ! Im Sinqle ♥ neutral Wel Im 16 senior I go To Etiwanda Hiqh smile i have a NIce personality Buht If u Push me The b***h Will COme oUt ITe I love talkinq i WEls Im probley teh chillest Realeast b***h ya can meet ont his hsyt x] Ok welz enougth about me As u can read ^ i am single and hurting WEls any ways contuing wit me i hate qettinq yelled at im the kinda Random -shy - Freaky - Funni - DUmm qurl who has uu wondering wat im doing lol xD I hate bitches tryan be another person like wen they tryan be nicki manaj coem on now we alreayd got one we dont need 2 Hmmz I live in Cali Btw ;] I hate Followerz Buht Love Leaderz smile WEl i have been asked this question a cuple times have i been in a fite ? yeash How many 7 have i lsot oen No and dotn prepare to b***h if u
get bold Ill End u Simple a** dat x] Just leting u no im kinda
Fiesty I kan be a sweetiie thena gian i kan bring a b***h it all depends on u so witch is it ?

dam wel niguhs awlays askign wat dose it take to go wit me ? wel to avi gota look cuite u gota be cuite and u gotaa be on ebery dy or anwt every iter day yah feelz me Hmmz wel Im tyeres Ok WElz Bye smile
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Adrianna was here in this exact spot (: ahaha.
so i love this girl so much shes my bestest friend lol . Shes hella cool and always there for me . i made this profile -coughcough- cool right? well im out dueces.

Only girl in the world hunny :c <3

Aye Btch


The Best Freind b***h
A.ka AdRI Real a.F so
Stfu HOez