****The Guy Playing Jasper is drope dead sexy lol >.> <.< >.<

Love is a sensation, caused by a temptation, to feel penetration. a guy sticks his location in a girl's destination, to increase the population for the next generation, did you get my explanation, or do you need a demonstration?

^.^ hey,
Im iris and i love effin Music. And other stuff, but yeah i love talking about random stuff and makeing them serious=) I love anime and video games to, like *Final Fantasy*... D.N. Angel.....Chrono Crusade.... Lucky Star and others but i'm to lazy to put them down. . . .

*b.k.k. for life* *need some N.H.D.?*

*Here's to you and here's to me May we never disagree But if we do, Then ******** you, And this one here's to me*

*Synyster Gates and M Shadows are ******** Dandy*

Johnny Rotten:
"Yes, this business absouloutly stinks; it’s full of liar’s cheats and frauds. Uhhh, this, I’m fully aware of,"
--Interviewer --"Are you one of them?"
"No I’m not, this is why I’m not tolerated. I can't be bothered to tell a lie. The truth is far harder but it's much more valid and, much more worth wild."



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Report | 01/02/2008 3:22 pm


OMG~~!!! My birthday was awesome User Image My friend brought me cupcakes, even though I never told her I wanted some User Image

I saw I Am Legend and ate out to Mimi's Cafe with my family ^o^ It was uber loads of fun User Image

Yeah...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! LOL, we both missed the actual days XD

I hope you had a lot of fun celebrating your birthday! User Image

Sooo, I don't think I got your call...call again, please User Image

We definitely should see Sweeney Todd *o*

So what would you like for your birthday? ^___^

Report | 12/12/2007 11:12 pm


dam, its been ages since ive been on here. i just thought id go on just to see what changed. lol nice seein u again! lol, i prob wont go on gaia anymore so if u wann a talk, add my myspace. myspace.com/5h0rtiikun

Report | 12/02/2007 1:41 pm


I spent Thanksgiving with my family and when we got home,Jo and I blew up zombies playing Resident Evil User Image

Worms are evil >.>...

That sucks, how often did you used to go to concerts???

My birthday is December 17th, how could you forget? User Image It sucks a** cuz I have ******** school that day User Image

I'd say my shoe size is 5 or so...why? User Image User Image

Report | 12/01/2007 4:59 pm


I wanted to see Saw IV, but didn't end up going User Image At first Halloween was a disaster for me, but then things turned around User Image Dressed up as macaroni? XD I was dressed as a bunny (again) and Cassie was my imaginary friend, lol. So what did you do for Thanksgiving???

I wish it would snow over here...! Yesterday it POURED. It sucked having classes across the campus from each other User Image As soon I got home, I jumped in the bathtub for a while with scalding hot water XD Today it's simply cold and windy. I'd rather it rain again! Last night I was looking out my window, just taking in the fresh air and the sound of the rain, but all of a sudden there a worm in my windowsill!!! User Image It scared me, so I closed my window. I regret it now cuz I wanted to sit there a while longer with the rain :/

Do you have the pics yet? :3

OMG, you and Gina are crazy!

You should come over, we got some catching up to do! >.< When do you think you'll come here?

You know what sucks? My winter vacation starts on the 24th!!! I was like "********!!!! User Image"

Report | 11/21/2007 1:05 pm


Oh yeah, so what did you do for Halloween? ;D

Report | 11/21/2007 1:04 pm


The pics of you in a dress User Image

Algebra's hella easy, I wish I was still in it User Image

I'd rather go onto Algebra 2 than stay in Geometry; I hate it, it really sucks User Image User Image User Image

Report | 11/04/2007 3:25 pm


Do you have the pics yet??? Send them to me! User Image

The anime club is very strange, the members are really weird...but I suppose I still like it :]

PE is pretty easy at my school, but we still run the mile once a week X_X

A.P. Math??? Like what? Algebra? Geometry?

Sorry it took me so long to respond User Image (I keep forgetting to check my comments)

Report | 09/25/2007 8:09 pm


wish i could say the same, but i cant. soo much effing hw.... :/ stoopid AP classes...

Report | 09/22/2007 2:06 pm


Ooh, ooh, take pictures! I wanna see! User Image

Static X...? I've never even heard of them User Image

Ehh, I don't have any exciting things at my school...except that I joined the anime/Japanese club and the drama club (cuz they get to go on a trip to New York!). I'm also gonna join the Asian/Pacific Islander club so I can hang out with Pauline User Image (She doesn't have any classes or lunch with me so I don't ever get to hang out with her User Image My only chance is the Asian club!)

Report | 09/19/2007 4:15 pm


lol, same here. crapload of school work. User Image no time for online


Kirby dancing
<("< wink <("^) (^"^) (^" wink > (>" wink >

User Image

I'd love donations :3 ^.^