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Occupation: ESL Teacher Trainer


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★☆★☆ LIVE | LAUGH | LOVE ☆★☆★

My name is Aya.
26 year old
I'm a Gaian Veteran, but only recently started logging in again after several years of inactivity.
I am from the USA Midwest, but I live and work in China.
As such, my roleplay hours are from approx. 10pm-10am EST.
I am typically sleeping between 10am-8pm EST.
I apologize for any inconvenience that brings to my roleplay partners.

If you have a passion for any number of these things, let's be friends~
【x】Rhythm Games
【x】Horror Genre
【x】Murder Mysteries



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AmadeusGale Report | 09/23/2019 4:07 am
mrgreen Awww! Thank you for noticing lol I narrowed it down to two options. I liked the other one better cuz I'm not a fan of backgrounds, but the knife is easier to see in this one. Either way, I figured out which item is making me disappear so that shouldn't be an issue anymore mrgreen
Lazurus Storm Report | 09/05/2019 7:27 pm
Lazurus Storm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
AmadeusGale Report | 07/19/2019 5:52 pm
Oh my God, the games! There are so many games! When I first started, there was two fishing ponds for Gaia fishing, and only one was ready while the other was forever “under construction”. Now there’s so many that I’m to old and intimidated to play anything but the black jack sweatdrop redface
AmadeusGale Report | 07/19/2019 5:20 pm
Yeah, I can see you’ve been on Gaia a long while, not quiet as long as I have but hey, no big deal cool I never really worried about the profile or my Avi very much. I think my Avi’s gone through maybe two costume changes since I’ve been here? I’ve seen yours go through like 5 this month haha which I loved all of them btw! Maybe I’ll think about stealing templates or changing flavors too here soon blaugh
AmadeusGale Report | 07/16/2019 2:01 am
D'aw thanks for the comment! Your profile is so much more fancy than mine xd
MimikaiXIII Report | 07/10/2019 6:53 pm
biggrin ty
Edward Von FossFoss Report | 07/09/2019 7:08 am
Edward Von FossFoss
Lol Hi Aya. How's tings been? DM me sometime on Facebook!
Creator G Report | 06/28/2019 3:09 am
Creator G
Ty for the purchase whee
Nanoe Report | 03/31/2012 4:24 pm
Kelli, I luvvles joo * w *
MimikaiXIII Report | 03/13/2012 5:45 pm
3nodding ty yours is pretty too


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★☆★☆ LIVE | LAUGH | LOVE ☆★☆★

Location: Shanghai, China
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