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this is pretty self explainatory

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what I'm packing



Sesshomaru - by myself

Mickey Vs Sephiroth


Hello, I am Axis and...I guess this is my profile.
I may look like a n00b, but this is my fifth account...

What would you like to know about me?
I've never met a Stranger--Yet!
Traveled a bit...Europe, Africa--Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar,Egypt
Lived in Guatemala--Traveled to Costa Rica, El Salvador,Honduras
Mexico--Interior and East and West Coasts....Still haven't found a Stranger....

My music selection is rock. I love rock, My favorite bands are:
Rammstein,Papa Roach (local band)
Three Days Grace, Linkin Park
Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson**
Bullet for my Valentine; Nightwish
P.O.D., Green Day, Korn
System of a Down: Nickelback

AND- Show Tunes, Broadway Hits. Les Mis, Phantom. CATS, Rent,
Joseph and His Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat, Annie, Guys n Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof, Anna and King, Dolly, etc/

I LOVE MEATLOAF! Who just happens to have an Operatic Tenor Voice!

AND-Old Rock-
*CCR, *BTO, *Pink Floyd*Eagles, *Boston*Fleetwood Mac*
Chicago, Alice Cooper,Ike & Tina Turner...
AND some COUNTRY...yep Uncle in a Band

<>Food<>love it! Doesn't love me back so I eat:
Fruit-IS Candy -Yum- All of it! *Mangos, *Passion Fruit, *Fuyu Persimmons
Platanos Fritios Como a mi me Encanta!
VEGIES!*Fried Okra! *Sweet Potato French-Fries*All Squashes*All Green Food
Fish, nd sometimes that's all I CAN eat! Skinny is COOL Trade-Off!

Constantly..le Carre, Michener, John Grisham,*Da Vinci Code + Angels and Demons, just srated James Patterson MAXIMUM RIDE -- good read!--
Stephen King...*The Stand* is on my "Annual Re-Read List"
--Oh, just read HelkterSkelter -- Charles Manson? Written by the Atty. James Bugliosi the Foreword said"The Book will Scare the Heck Out of You" IT DID!!

I am also currently reading Nagekimaru's book. (i hope it get's published soon! I'm in it!) It's very good, and I hope all of you are going to get to read it someday.

~more about my life~
Yes I do work out.
Tri-Athilete! Ran my 1st Marathon 3 yrs ago. I'm HOOKED!
I enjoy drawing, sword fighting, video games, reading and karate.
I like to cook. Have done Catering jobs (help a friend) Catered Chinese Food for 300! We rolled 1,000 Egg-Rolls alone!
Regional Cooking. Just learned to make a mean Baklavah!


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wtf laur Report | 07/04/2019 1:28 am
wtf laur
Thanks for buying heart
no1ceilingfan Report | 06/19/2019 11:25 am
Thank you for your purchase! Have a great day! heart
Kami Akira Kogami Report | 06/18/2019 10:17 pm
Kami Akira Kogami
Kami Akira Kogami Report | 06/18/2019 4:13 pm
Kami Akira Kogami
Danke Schon
Floofurr Report | 05/31/2019 4:59 am
Most of my items I definitely try to keep below the average rate to help those who are really wanting those items, although some items I do leave at the average or a little higher for people to offer on em if its an unlisted or something.

Really hope those items serve you well on your fancy pixels!
Floofurr Report | 05/31/2019 4:54 am
Goodness! Thank you so much for buying so much of my stuff :'v
I REALLY appreciate it!
Elite Rare Report | 05/29/2019 9:23 am
Elite Rare
Fairly well I can't complain. A little work here or there.
Bless, appreciate that. smile And likewise to you as well. ninja
Elite Rare Report | 05/27/2019 9:03 pm
Elite Rare
Good day to you. smile
Elite Rare Report | 05/15/2019 7:04 pm
Elite Rare
Hey what's going on ?
Elite Rare Report | 05/15/2019 12:35 pm
Elite Rare
ninja ninja ninja



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