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What's meant to be
Always finds its way

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아잉! 쫌 도와주세요ㅠ^ㅠ
Questing: 1) [i:2011f2e91a]Oisin's Blessing[/i:2011f2e91a]: 6mil/12mil [/size:2011f2e91a]



❝If I lose the world because of you. . .

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Practitioner of breathing for 17 years.
But call me Wonderful, Wonder, or aWonderful.
Currently reading One Piece and looving it.
Been in love with Pokemon since forever.
Modern Warfare is my new obsession.
Bioshock Infinite is making me crazy !!
Spaghetti always bring a party in my tummy biggrin
Free time, is reading time (from mangas to novels)
Fairly talkative, but quite awkward at first.
Drawing is my hobby.
Disney movies FTW.
Music soothes my blood.
Books + Imagination = INFINITY
I dislike loud sounds, dust, and cocky jerks.
Always stay above the influence.
Go Green !
Avi art collectorc:
Have some things in common?
Well, come&chat w/ mwa(;

Have aWonderful Day!

I wouldn’t lose you for the sake of the world.❞