Instead of some boring Blah- Blah in my About Section,
I'll just give you a glance at what the awesome Gaians think of me!

"you have 3 kids who were taken by child protection"

"ur a rad gurl"

"You are a man."

"youre an internet predator... you like second grade girls."

"You like the taste of human blood and decided to gnaw on your arm, hitting various arteries and staining the walls of your room with that all-too-familiar color and scent!"

"Sometimes your statements are worse than gastric flu!"

"If you had a p***s, it'd be giant!"

"And your p***s is very pretty."

"You're just like talking s**t all day anyway. I can't resist but listen to it."

"You're the best friend I've ever had, and if we never speak again I'll be totally fine with that."

"Your avitar is ******** awesome."

"you're the yummiest oreo i've ever nibbled"

"You like random PMs.
Now thats pretty damn amazing."

"CB whore"
[Danke, ucaldra. xD <3]

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