I guess my name is Awiergan. I do not know how to pronounce it, so feel free to call me something else. I've been on gaia since early 2005, though I've had several periods of inactivity.

I was permanently banned for no reason at all in July 2007. I have worked since then to get my account back, but have been unable to as the combined IQ of all gaian staff isn't even enough to understand their own TOS.

If you're stalking me for some reason, I'll be in the site-oriented forums: Q/A, GCD, SF, though I occasionally visit C&T to deliberately ask bullshit tech support questions that they'd never know the answer to. I spend alot of time in guilds, due to their relaxed regulations and lack of site moderators.

In real life, I'm a computer engineering student at some college. Computers are my interest, I guess, though my hobbies include everything from writing to paranormal investigation.

I play a large variety of videogames, ranging from short shmups and FPS games to drawn out RPGs and MMOs. I'm probably playing something right now.

As far as anime, I collect primarily Seinen Psycho-horror, though I do enjoy some occasional action (GURREN LAGANN!) or comedy. I like whatever has alot of "OH s**t" moments in it.

If you actually read this, I pity you. You really need to find something better to do with your time. It's only about 40% true, 50% fabricated, and I'm unsure of the other 10% myself due to the amnesia the aliens caused.