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i am a person who loves to laugh and joke around. i dont hate ppl if they do something wrong. my name is brendan. you can call me by my nikname which is spencer. i live in southern cali. my real b-day is in may 17. i love GIR off of invader zim.


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this is sweet

A girl and a guy were speeding over 100mph on a motorcycle. Girl Slow down, i'm scared. Guy No, this is fun. Girl No it's not, please, it's so scary. Guy Then tell me you love me. Girl I love you, slow down. Guy Now give me a big hug *She gave him a big hug* Guy Can you take my helmet off & put it on yourself, It's really bothering me. The next day in the newspaper, a motorcycle crashed into a building due to brake failure. Two people were in the crash, but only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road the guy realized that the breaks weren't working, but he didn't want the girl to know. Instead, he had her hug him and tell him she loves him one last time. Then he had her put his helmet on so that she would live, even if it meant that he would die. If you would do the same for the person you love, copy this in your profile

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po5t on 08/31/2020


i can make u an angel, mermaid, angel of death, garden sprite, and the prple lady. if you want one plz comment me and a pic will be sent as soon as possible. Below is an example of one the best of my work

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maya50000 Report | 05/30/2012 5:44 pm
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Shayline xD Report | 05/27/2012 11:56 am
Shayline xD
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
xmcrloverx Report | 07/09/2010 4:35 pm
Just stopping by to say hi!!! =)
xmcrloverx Report | 12/11/2009 3:26 am
ohh i see.
Lady Gothica1 Report | 12/10/2009 7:57 pm
Lady Gothica1
Lady Gothica1 Report | 12/10/2009 7:31 pm
Lady Gothica1
Question: Where have u been?>
Lady Gothica1 Report | 12/10/2009 7:12 pm
Lady Gothica1
Welcome back
xmcrloverx Report | 12/10/2009 6:58 pm
y isnt it working?
xmcrloverx Report | 12/10/2009 6:20 pm
im just guessing here, but u missed me?! lol i missed u 2, ive been piled wit hw so i havent had time 2 come on. but anyway, how hav u been?
xmcrloverx Report | 12/09/2009 2:17 pm
heyy i havent talked too u ina while jus stoppin to say hi.
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awesome dragonslayer
kitten girl is awesome
Inublitus Amos
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this is stina

this is nicole she is awesome

n peter

this is ariel

this is astral

this ish daddy

my friend Ice

this is meg ive never felt a love so strong before...