Welcome to my domain, I be called Lady Darkstrings, the Black Rat, or you may call me Avina. I seem to have stumbled onto this realm and I rather enjoy it. I'll be opening up my tavern and land to whom those who want a good pint, rest, or just a spar or someone to conversate with. Consider this woman your deal. Some may not know my face some may remember Vixen Nightveil, well I am not her. I am way different but we come from the same origin. I am but a simple tavern owner, dancer, assassin, beholder, and business woman. I also do any kind of t1/literate roleplay so do drop me a line if you are intrested in contacting me. Also I have a deviantart, if you have a request just say so.

My daviantart: http://ladydarkstrings.deviantart.com/

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The mind of a Damned Angel

My life in words,poems,and pictures.

Hello the ones that read this.My name is Vixen Nightveil of Vix for short.My life is secret and painful.I write of it in poems and stories,I hope you like it.



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