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I love to read. I will read pretty much anything. I like to be sarcastic, but for the most part I'm a nice person! Don't hesitate to add me as a friend... If I don't think you're a phsycopath then I will accept!

16 years old

Brown hair

Brown eyes

Birthday: 1/19/93

Country: USA

State: Indiana

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
--Suzanne Collins

Favorite Bands: Relient K and Hawk Nelson... they are kickass!

McDonalds is WAAAY better than Burger King

I prefer Coke over Pepsi


I LOVE dark chocolate!


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Lana Miyuki Report | 05/02/2009 2:19 pm
Lana Miyuki
That´s good. so you know how I feel. xD
Lana Miyuki Report | 05/01/2009 12:24 pm
Lana Miyuki
yeah. xD But it will take some time as I have a lot to do right now. smile
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/30/2009 8:33 am
Lana Miyuki
I´m sorry I haven´t. But they sound interessting. I´ll take a look at them when I get the time to. biggrin
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/29/2009 8:05 am
Lana Miyuki
Yes I love reading. I like funny stories and as well fantasy stories and also I do really like manga. so what do you like to read? what are your favourite books? oh yeah and which book do you read at the moment? ^^
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/28/2009 9:01 am
Lana Miyuki
hehe so we like the same things. That´s great. biggrin Do you also watch anime?
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/27/2009 11:16 am
Lana Miyuki
Well... I just love Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Enchanted and Stardust also I do like Shrek and a lot of other animated movies just like Finding Nemo and so on. ^^
Oh and I like J-Drama and Animes a lot. ^^ So have you watched some of these? ^^
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/26/2009 6:50 am
Lana Miyuki
Sorry for asking. I just wasn´t able to understand the whole meaning of it. ^^
What films do you like? ^^
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/25/2009 6:54 am
Lana Miyuki
... ok how does this expresses itself? xD
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/24/2009 6:13 am
Lana Miyuki
yeah it does. do you make videos as well? smile
Lana Miyuki Report | 04/23/2009 8:27 am
Lana Miyuki
well because of copyright matters due to the song. I said that I don´t own it and it´s just fanwork in my describtion but well they banned it... and also some of my other videos I´m so pissed that I don´t make videos for youtube since then... I just make videos for my family and friends at the moment. ^^



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Yes you have the right to your oppinion, and I have the right to think you are stupid.

"It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities"
-- Albus Dumbledore

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Now from his breast into his eyes the ache/of longing mounted, and he wept at last,/his dear wife, clear and faithful, in his arms,/longed for as the sunwarmed earth is longed for by a swimmer/spent in rough water where his ship went down/under Poseidon's blows, gale winds and tons of sea./Few men can keep alive through a big surf/to crawl, clotted with brine, on kindly beaches/in joy, in joy, knowing the abyss behind:/and so she too rejoiced, her gaze upon her husband,/her white arms round him pressed as though forever.
--from "The Odyssey"

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