You Can Call Me Erika. :3

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There are many things that could be said about me. Most would be accurate. The one I quite like at the moment, however, is Human. I am aware that I have made a lot of mistakes in the past, and the only thing I can do, at this point, is offer apologies and move on. Grudges don't do much, and sometimes they feel good, but almost 100% Guaranteed the grudge will bring you down in some way. I have experienced that, all too recently. There is no point in keeping them, so I realize I have to let them go.

It should be said, that among many traits I have, perhaps the most prominent one is my Random Spontaneity. Yes, it does make sense. I do enjoy making plans, but I prefer them to be made on the spot.

Things I like:
<3 Reading.
<3 Listing to music. ALL. THE. TIME. o:
<3 Quoting "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" and the rest of the books. :3
<3 Making things. I draw ideas for things like shirts and hand bags, and I try to make them. I'm making a Jack doll (Yes, from The Nightmare Before Christmas!) with my Grandmother, who has taught me so much. She used to be a kindergarden teacher, and did lots of art projects. Needless to say, she keeps everything she thinks would be a neat idea to make into something else. o:
<3 Asking TONS of questions, mostly involving Philosophy.
<3 Staring at people while in elevators, making them feel uncomfortable. Makes me giggle. ;3
<3 Jokes that are funny. Sometimes, they don't even need to make sense.
<3 Literary and style contradictions. Its especially wonderful in movies and songs. (I.E. singing about loss with an upbeat groove)
<3 My home, California. Los Angeles, as ******** up as everyone is here, is forever my residence of choice. I would move if necessary, but otherwise I'm staying. :]
<3 Taking I.Q. Tests, and laughing at how insane they are. The latest thinks i have a score of 133(That bracket, 130-145, is described as Gifted). I'm pretty sure its way lower. :3
<3 Dabbling in the Paranormal. I am getting a handcarved Ouija, or 'Talking Board', and practice reading Tarot Cards.
<3 My friends. Silly, right? Chh, who REALLY likes their friends? ::eyeroll:: No, but seriously. There are certain people, who will be named farther down, that I couldn't live without.
<3 Talking/texting on the phone. Talking is better for me, only because sometimes I say silly things that don't make sense unless you are listening to my tone of voice. Texting is cool too, though. Ask for my number, I have free long distance in the U.S.

Things I Don't Like:
</3 The color brown. Something....about it. I don't like to wear it, specifically, or use it when making stuff for myself.
</3 People who believe its alright to bash people they think are "unfit" for society. I don't quite know what word to use, but the people it includes are: Racists(anyone can be one, not just white people), Homophobes, Prudes, and Religious Extremists. Not cool. :[
</3 People of higher intelligence being arrogant. Its fine to be smart, but when it gets to the point where you think you are SO much better than anyone else, its stupid. Flat out.
</3 People, men and women alike, who think its not only alright for women to be uneducated/not work, but it should be mandatory. Pure silliness. No one gets any better when that happens. Should I get married and my husband demands I stay home, I will NOT hesitate to file for divorce. No ******** way.
</3 Strictly Logical Thinkers. There is NO fun in only thinking that way. Silliness is the best medicine, and I will always live by that. Also, Strictly Emotional Thinkers have perhaps too much fun. Or none at all, depending on what end of the spectrum you are in...

These People Are Awesome. Treat Them Accordingly:

She has been my friend for soooooo long, I seriously can't comprehend life without her. She makes me laugh on a daily basis, even if we haven't spoken for days. <333

There is a lot to say on this girl. She is stunning, not only in looks but in talent and wit. I can't fit everything you are to me in this profile, the Gaia servers would probably explode...o: I love how she and I can just start talking, sometimes we don't even have to say 'Hi.' We have our own way of greeting each other though. :3
Thanks for being awesome, sweet-cheeks. I wish I could do art so we could trade and s**t. D; I'll just buy you stuff. <33

Ashley, Kitty and Erin
These girls are wonderful. We have been friends since middle school, Ashley and I specifically since second grade. I can't really define them as seperate entities anymore, we are all so part of each other its impossible to seperate myself from them. They are my sisters, forever and always. Though we are all on our different paths, we will one day be in the same nursing home. I know, without a doubt, that we will never not be part of each others lives. Its really impossible. We know each other WAY too well, and nothing can be done about it. :3

All Of My Gaia Friends
Too many to name, but SOOOO many good times. I've lost touch with a lot of them, but I'm glad I had them for when I did. :]

In conclusion, I can safely say I'm not what anyone expects, even myself.

I am me. The one. The ONLY. Me.
I am awesome.
Don't you dare forget. <3

...So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish. :3

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I'm good

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hello, how are you?

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your avvi is hawt

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Why, thank you.

I prefer not to resort to violence, usually, but some instances just call for it.
Camdens Babe

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Camdens Babe

lol sry
Camdens Babe

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Camdens Babe

idk if u do or not User Image

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Thanks for understanding. User Image

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If I offended you in any way, I'm sorry.

I just won't accept gold from people at the moment.

I am making lots of gold right now from the inflation.

I've made like 1 mil in the past week from it.

And since inflation is a really unfair way to make gold, then I don't think of it as right for me to take gold from others.
Camdens Babe

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Camdens Babe

nice avi erika ^__^

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Thanks for the offer, but I actually have plenty of gold.

And I don't take donations because I buy Gaia cash and I don't think it's fair that I should be taking gold whenever I can easily get it myself by selling something or using my Gaia cash.

Although, I only use my Gaia cash gold for donating and art.

I see it like this " I'm paying real money for art"