Hello my name is Neena, I'm currently studying an Online course on game design for mobiles and more, I hope to be developing my own mobile games with the small indie group that we've slowly been putting together.

I like to draw whenever I get the chance, I'm much better at traditional art then I am digital art. I'm from Australia and I'm 21 going on 22 in May.

I like to Rp but I'm very nervous about jumping into larger group stuff as my anxiety shines through even online, If you'd like to be friends then just hit me up with a message to chat, I recently deleted almost all my friends from my list because I've been gone for quite awhile and only just came back.

Oh and I also like to game, recently I've been playing Dark souls 2, Bravery default, starbound, Civilization and lots of other games, I like to play a large variety of games.

Please visit my deviantart! (Even though I'm not really very active.) http://dnac.deviantart.com/