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Hello and welcome to my profile!.

I just happen to be guild captain of not one but two guilds! Nights of Hydras and Silver Knights Academy! I will not force you to join. I just like to give the option which I will put in spoilers down below. When my computer is replaced I'll add new banners for my guild. Huntersmoon was supposed to help me with my novel but now it's too far off course so I renamed it.

Do NOT click the spoilers if you do NOT want to join or be active.

Link to Nights of Hydras is below.

The Option For Silver Knights Academy is below.

Also Pottermore info for the Harry Potter fans out there.
Hogwarts House

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Yes I am a Slytherin.

I'm going to tell you I've been trying to read the new Harry Potter novels but have been unable to. It's hard, but at the same time I'm writing my own novels and roleplaying on here so I can't do too many things at once or I will be overwhelmed.

Art lovers, please hold criticism. I still cannot draw my characters face. I was practicing hand this is what came out of it. I kind of like it. So with further ado, enjoy my sketch with a quote I did. I am sorry if it's too big.

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My Zodiac with fun facts

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I'm an Aries. My element is of course fire.

New information

I have been neglecting my music playing so I am trying to make a new routine. It includes my rules. Dog training/walks, practice music, practice drawing, write a paragraph on at least one of my stories, then Gaia. I love roleplaying but I'm neglecting my other loves of life and it's been making me depressed a bit. I am in all honesty on gaia more than I had been playing my Flute and ocarina for the last few months and that's a problem for me because I love my music and I am pretty good at it, but as everything needs practice I've backtracked. If I dont practice enough I won't get to my next instrument to learn. : the violin. I'm never quitting gaia I'm just going to be on for a little less time from now on.

Last Thing I promise. You hear my friends mention Duke or Louie. Without further ado. My Fur-babies:

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Thank you for the two purchases you made at my store, it's greatly appreciated heart
I hope you have a great day ~
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Thanks for the purchase !
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Thank you yours is lovely as well.


They say life isn't perfect. We all have our quirks, and sometimes a sad history. Moving forward toward our goal whether old or new is what make us who we are.