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Hello, darlings!

This is my 'About Me', which is stupid since I'm assuming that most of you know me already. But anyway, I am of Christian belief. If you don't like it, seriously don't talk to me, just calmly leave my profile. I am Gaia's resident Head b***h. My definition of b***h is that I stand up for what I believe regardless of what anyone thinks or if it offends anyone. I'm the non-caring type, because I really don't give a single ******** about anything. I am usually pretty chill and calm unless you START a fight, then I'm just done. I don't have a lot of patience. Please, don't get on my bad side.

I am generally hyper and nice to those who know how I am. I am a resident gaia RPer. I try and be literate, but usually I fail and yeah... I have a couple of RPs. Mostly they are privates for right now because I'm trying to get back into the grove of RPing and writing. I AM in fact a writer. I have one completely finished story. It's called Apocalypse Z and it is a zombie story. I am also currently in the middle of a story set in a dystopian world. I usually write for myself. I'm kind of shy about it so I rarely show anyone.

Okay, so, here are some things I like (though you probably don't really care):
-RPing with decent RPers
-Talking with my friends
-Making up crazy arse stories for my RPCs and books
-I love reading and writing (I am working on a couple of books, as previously stated.)
-Being me
-COFFEE! (I wouldn't get through the week without it)
-Purple, Gray, White, Dark Blue, Black
-Animals (Particularly wolves since I am most like them in temparament)
-Night time. I'm a night owl.

Here are some things I dislike (again, not that you care.):
-Haters (Though, you can hate me all you want, you only make me stronger. <3)
-Stupid people
-Having to clarify myself (GET IT THE FIRST DAMNED TIME)
-Repeating myself (Clean out your ears)
-Bright lights (though I love strobe lights and stuff like that)
-Homophobes (because I'm bisexual. Do NOT judge me. I won't appreciate it and I will report you if you harass me because of it.))
-Being annoyed

Yes, I'm aware that my dislikes list is longer than my likes. That's okay though. Yes, I AM Nineteen. I am currently in a relationship, not that you'd care. I despise having my picture taken unless I'm doing it... (Might put up a new picture later)

I am in college, so I am very busy as of late. If you know me, then you'll know that I'm very dedicated to my studies and therefore will be absent much of the time between August and December/January and early May. If this is an inconvenience to you, PM me if you have an urgent matter and I will try to get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

You have seen me and my likes and dislikes. Send me a PM or hunt me down in the forums if you'd like to talk.

See you all around!

-Avea Rose


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The_True_Fox Report | 03/24/2013 5:19 am
just sorry it took so long for me to finish the trade...i seen you completed it on your side of the trade on my iPod Touch but can't do trades on the App and i had already turned off my computer
The_True_Fox Report | 03/24/2013 5:14 am
no problem. was in a good mood yesterday, there is nothing i want, and seen you were questing for something so i thought i would help
Sayoros Report | 08/19/2012 7:30 pm
I guess that makes the two of us....well the one I sometimes use is Divano, but no one else. wink
I am happy to know that its your Senior year!. you are pretty old now, well not as older than me, but....you got the joke. lol
so would you like to rp together again some day?
Sayoros Report | 08/15/2012 8:18 am
Working hard with the collage work and my part time job, but other than that I am fine.
So how has life being for you, You still rp?
Sayoros Report | 08/12/2012 8:50 am
Avea! Its good to see you, or at last to know about you.
How have you been? It has been a while since we didn't talk
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii Report | 02/15/2012 1:05 pm
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii
That'd be lovely!! Link away my friend :333
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii Report | 02/15/2012 11:36 am
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii
Oh Same Same!! LOL i went on some hiatus when I started playing wow again.
And It was just the pressure of everyone wanting me to post at one time so I was like
haha But I'm back for good now crying
Now I'm trying to ....un poor myself razz
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii Report | 02/15/2012 8:53 am
ii_x D e i - k u n x_ii
Avea! Long time no talk..I'm ike staking al my friends to see if they're still on gaia :3
I'm back <>
So I had to make sure you were alive still
JadedDoomsday Report | 09/17/2011 11:46 am
Hey Avea! ^^ I was a'lurking around on your profile....Don't call the cops o.o
And I saw your picture.
And Your so fridging pretty!
Haha~! Just thought I tell you that but yesh...Your prudyfuls D:
RoyalKill Report | 09/12/2011 7:06 pm
Ggggggggggooooooooooddddddddddd XD


"We danced all night to the best song ever, We knew every line but now I can't remember, How it goes but I know that I won't forget her, Cause we danced all night, To the best song ever!"

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