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Rosaline Black Report | 04/08/2012 4:15 am
Rosaline Black
You know how to hack?? Interesting,,, smile
paradisedelrey Report | 04/19/2011 3:47 pm
hey i reported you...i dont give a s**t if you hack me i have nothing to lose, really... i told the staff everything u did!!! u will be banned for good, trust me
brooki_ur_baby Report | 04/02/2011 8:04 pm
oh come on really this is so comfused y him y did u choose him to hack im sure there r better richer people to hack ...plz give my boyfriend his gaia back im like begging here...what can i do to get u to give him his back
i dont hve any money so i cant give u that but i have another acount u can have u would have to turn it into a man but she is worth it i mean she is pooor butim sure u can gt her money
Lets Get Out Of Here Report | 03/29/2011 2:50 pm
Lets Get Out Of Here
You ******** a*****e dude i had a great life with many friends and this account is crap. Listen plz give me my account back pl i beg of you plz. This is Brian c'mon plz
brooki_ur_baby Report | 03/19/2011 12:35 pm
its ok i love u brian and btw ur profile is so cute i love u sooooo mich heart heart
brooki_ur_baby Report | 03/18/2011 5:06 pm
brian i love u so much ...please look at my profile everywhere i have changed it to prove my love heart heart heart heart heart heart
brooki_ur_baby Report | 03/18/2011 4:07 pm
yes i would give up my life for u brian ur my everything and i wanna be with u forever please take me back and let get married and be together forever *big hug and kiss* ur my everything
brooki_ur_baby Report | 03/18/2011 3:51 pm
well im givvng jezzy to her father and anna is with hers and she has a "mother" and so will jezzy i want OUR famly thats all i have ever wanted andthats all i will ever want brian u know u r me we r 1 and that will never change ok i dont want anything if it doesnt have to do with u okay please take me back let me be ur angel agin u want me and i want u and we can get married and we will start our family just like this never happend okay heart heart heart
Herr Llamadragon Report | 03/18/2011 3:41 pm
Herr Llamadragon
brooki_ur_baby Report | 03/18/2011 3:32 pm
crying crying brian i ******** up i love u and only u i thought u didnt forgive me but now i know u do and i feel taribole ull always be my man i wanna be in ur arms i love u so much and if i knew a way to get u back and not hurt him i would i need u forever and always i love u sooo much without u i would be nothing i need u with me please i know ima bad person and i dont diserve u and u can do so much better then me and idk y u wanted to marry me im no good and u still love me and i cant tell u how much that means to me crying crying crying crying ...ur my world heart crying heart crying


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