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Talking about oneself is always so hard, at least it is for me. I never know what someone would want to know, so to bypass that it would just be easier for me to have a conversation, drop me a line and we can get to know one another.

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Silver Beast
The dark sky calls
Transforming the liquid moon
Oh, arise, silver beast
Take me on your wings
And spirit me away
Let naught but the stars find us

Essence of dreams
Hidden in shadows
Hide no longer, but walk in full sight
Come forth through enveloping light

Whisper so softly
That it pulls from within
Silver darkness draws about
A silken touch
Relieves all doubt

A golden kiss from the sun
Night has passed into the dawn
The silver beast sleeps close to heart


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Reflections of Fyhr

A place for my thoughts so that I may know myself better. Also, for keeping track of story ideas and the like.


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gorramKayna Report | 03/26/2010 10:31 am
Why thank you. Yours looks ready to do battle.
Civilian13 Report | 03/25/2010 9:33 am
/me sighs
they're lyrics from the song "Land Down Under" by Men at Work
Civilian13 Report | 03/23/2010 8:21 pm
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover."
gorramKayna Report | 12/30/2009 9:01 pm
That's perfectly all right. Runa really needed some cool new things and even I don't have the gold for most of the stuff on this wishlist.
gorramKayna Report | 12/27/2009 7:05 pm
I've been thinking of doing something similar. By the way, thanks for all the gifts on Runa.
gorramKayna Report | 12/25/2009 8:29 pm
Lots of outfit changes for the season huh?
gorramKayna Report | 12/21/2009 10:24 pm
I'm not sure about the stompy boots. Do they maybe come in red or green?
gorramKayna Report | 12/01/2009 11:02 am
Ahh!! Girl Genius. I really should have known that.
gorramKayna Report | 11/28/2009 3:50 pm
Agatha who? I know I should know who you're talking about but I jsut cant get there. Perhaps you would be so kind as to jog my memory?
Civilian13 Report | 11/25/2009 7:04 pm
yeah, i don't do a french accent very well.
thank you for the idea of just noting that is a french accent.