there's so many things that are going wrong in my life,
but at the same time, many things are just fine.
i do what i want.
i love people who make me laugh
i don't limit myself to one kind of music,
i'm kinda into everything.
little kid jokes are the best, & they amaze me
i'm actually a pretty nice person.
and just because i'm nice, doesn't mean i'm all fake and s**t.
i just don't think its necessary to be a b***h to people,
for really dumb reasons.
don't talk s**t about people when you're around me,
because honestly,
i don't ******** care what you have to say about them.
drama is ridiculous, and i'm glad i never get involved with it.
finding song lyrics that you can totally relate to,
is like the best thing
there's some really amazing people in my life,
& i'm not quite sure what i'd do without them.
i love meeting new people, so if you see me somewhere,
be sure to say hi hehehe.
yeeeeah, well get to know me. talk to me.

xxo, rachel

pssst, dont ******** steal my song hoes.
well you could buuuuut thatd be lame =)


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Cool profile!!

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Hi, You dont know me, but... I GOT FIRST COMMENT!! WHOOHOO!!! lol you can comment back if ya want.. dont matter..
have a nice day!!