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    Alright people, before you add me to your friends list, talk to me at least once. I kinda dislike random friend adds. Furthermore, if you are in my friend's list and we don't talk in a long time, you'll be deleted off my list.

    Hello there, and welcome to my profile. I joined Gaia in the year 2007 and after wandering through different forums, I finally stuck as a regular member of the GD where I still post regularly to this day. Though lately, I've been going on hiatuses every now and then.

    I'm an honest person who likes to keep positive and lighthearted. I love wasting my time by playing video games, drawing, and learning about the sociopolitical state of our planet.

    I am pretty blunt, so some things I say might seem a little harsh; don't take them personally. Oh, and I'll sometimes glitch out and say something dumb, that's kinda normal.

    More about me? Just PM me or drop a comment.