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Hello, I had originally joined in 2005, but due to some circumstances I went into hiding. I was under another name more recently Sinberry. I decided to come back to my original account now and am hoping to settle in well. Unfortunately I have lost all contact with my original friend's, so it will be a pleasure to meet new creatures regardless of origins.

I am primarily here to Roleplay and meet kindred spirits. Bear with me, my creative writing and roleplaying skills are rusty, I have been out of Gaia for over 10 years and into academic writing since. But I am back!

Thank you for reading,
With love Auriielle.

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Auriielle Ameroza

Age: 800+
Race: Fox Spirit/Demon
Ethnicity: European Descent
Hair/Eyes: Pink/Ruby
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'5"

-Fox Fire: Burn
-Fox Fire: Healing
-Magic: Utilization of any item from earth to create illusions. Preference in Item: A Leaf or Flower
Weapon Of Choice:

Aurielle is sweet tempered and calm. She has learned to keep cool control of her emotions, of which anger is the least noticed in her. She bears no ill to most creatures and at times seems oblivious of the gravity of a serious situation, but she is always aware and always calculating.In her past life, earlier years of her many, she had at some point been trained to be an assassin. At the time she learned to separate her emotions from herself and sweet demeanor would change to a cold soulless personality. She separates her work from her life, although it may as easily be a facade, its in her nature to pursue a peaceful life. The training and life she has lived thus far was forced upon her, and her demon blood relishes for the kill. The remnant of her human nature stays resilient in her, and her options up to this point have taken her to a more calm life, to an extent.

Aurielle was born as the only daughter to Kitsu Hikari and Michael Ameroza. Her mother had died while giving birth to her and her father was never around, because she looked too much like her mother. Her mother had been Human, and her Father had been a wealthy Fox Demon. She was very much neglected during her child hood, but her sweet nature held her from doing anything from it. She was natural in learning the way of the assassins tribe that her mother had been from, they took her in realizing her demon blood gave her a natural learning ability in their ways. She easily detached herself during kills, letting her demonic nature take hold, but never completely.

While she was still a bit young, barely beginning adolescence, her father was killed in front of her eyes, she sought revenge for her father which she still loved despite his negligence. Somewhere along the way she left her home and while lost in the forest she was attacked, being left for dead she lay in the middle of the forest where a Fox Spirit resided, to keep her alive it became a part of her soul, making her Half Spirit and Half Demon. The Fox Spirits power allowed her to reach abilities and strengths privy to full blooded demons, as it replaced her human soul but only strengthened the pureness of her nature.

[mgleft][/imgleft]Appearance: [Lenore] R. [Nevermore]
Age: 23
Race: Human
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Hair/Eyes: White / Blue-Violet
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'5"


Lenore is cool calm and collected, all of her decisions are made with though, are planned with precision. She observes before she acts, and her decisions are final. Looking into her BLue-Violet hues, which with any other human would hold a lovely glimmer, the depths of her violet hues seem souless. Perhaps the curse has left only a conscious human shell with no spirit?

A creature of demented proportions, Lenore was raised by a group of demon assassins, feeding of the corruption they caused to her human soul. The demons themselves had killed Lenore's parent's, however natural psychic abilities kept them from being able to kill her, therefore they decided such abilities would be useful to their means.

At about the age of 10 the main demon of the group placed a curse on Lenore, which appears on the left side of her body more specifically her torso, arm and leg. At age 13 Lenore had learned to kill with the demons and had become the main demon's favorite plaything, it became too much for Lenore and her psychic ability, exacerbated by the pain cause by the curse destroyed the demon's that had been feeding off her.

After days of unconsciousness she was taken in by an enchantress by the name of Vivienne Raevinne. This woman nursed her, and was able to seal the curse, through she was not able to remove the seal as it had become a part of her body. The woman whom had adopted her had no children of her own and was at the edge of her life. She taught Lenore of the secrets of magic and the underworld,and at her death had left her any worldly possession and other worldly possessions.



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