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I used to play, stopped, and I'm possibly back.
I'm just going to re-write this sometime I have for free.

I go by "Dark".
You don't need to tell me how unoriginal I am, because, contrary to the popularity of that name, it was thought of in the comfort of my own lonesome long before I even thought of using the internet for anything than googling "boobies"

I enjoy noods.
Gimme gimme. <3

I play as different nicknames, I also play different stories depending on the thread I am in, I like to either confuse or bewilder those who follow me around.

I have a deviant art: www.chalk-outlines.deviantart.com
I have a myspace: www.myspace.com/insanitynotice
I play as a loli on Second Life [18 version]: Vivi Luminos
I also have all three main messengers...

AIM = darkchronic182
Yahoo! = darkchronic182@yahoo.com
MSN = buttsexfartpoopmcgriddle@hotmail.com [please don't ask. <_<]
I use MSN the most.

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: biggrin ark::

This is my infamous "Black Book". Where my thoughts are put, as well as other things I feel are important... This... is as close as one can get into the mind of me, Dark.


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Zerodus Report | 07/23/2008 10:39 pm
It's worth nothing that Mr. AuraDark's internet has been down for a couple of months now...
Lycorisa Report | 07/12/2008 9:45 am
Nya nya! >.< I forgot to tell you I had to get a different account... AND I forgot to reply to that last message you sent me.... awhile... ago.... hehehehehehe..... LOVE YA!! <3

Zerodus Report | 07/11/2008 11:09 am
His power level is maximum.
cloverump Report | 05/27/2008 6:59 pm

The Paperclip Report | 02/09/2008 9:55 pm
I'm leaving you love again. Because...I secretly love you. o.o

Did you ever get your phone back? I miss you. D:

You remember Shikaro? HE calls me.

Never here from your lousy a** anymore. TUser ImageT
The Paperclip Report | 01/27/2008 8:28 pm
D: I quit SttR, Dark. Teeext me D:
The Paperclip Report | 01/01/2008 9:11 pm
The Paperclip leaves love.
C_Sui Report | 11/19/2007 5:20 pm
XD Thank god, about time to get real clothes.lol

The Grunny profile is cute.
C_Sui Report | 11/19/2007 2:43 pm
o-o....Oh! 'XD It took me a few seconds to realize who you were. :3 Hiya! ^-^
Rikosu x Hitoshi Report | 11/18/2007 5:14 am
Hi there I like your profile!


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Oh hi, I'm made of candy. <_<