Hi there! I am Aura of Demons!
My best friends are Flowing River Water, Starstar32, and an acception for Silverdapple47.
I am really upset lately and prefer not to talk about it.
I am currently in love, and i need a few tips!
um, i am also unsure of my friendships.
it fell apart.
and i asked my parents if we could move out of Montana, yes, i live here.
I dont ever want to come back.
I am already sad enough, and i got the reply i wanted most from my mom.
she said, "We probably will, next year will be your last year in ______school.
(you wish you knew my grade.)
but, i am going through a really tough time and my feelings are scattered all over the wall.
and the floor.
like a doormat, almost.
I am a b***h at times, i am a wierdo/spaz if you know me! I love to draw manga and anime stuffs, I love music alot. I love my friends alot, and find them the most important people in my life. I also love singing. My dream is to make it to american idol.