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Birthday: 08/30

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Just call me Dino (Dee-no).
I like to rant in the forums.. >.>;
I'm the guild captain of FindingFriends

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NETGEAR Report | 08/30/2012 1:34 am
Happy Birthday! biggrin
xCitty_Catx Report | 04/15/2012 7:20 am
Why are you naked? Omg did you get hacked? D:
lexi12311 Report | 04/09/2012 9:22 pm
hay I havnt talked to you in forever how come you havnt been posting in the guid as much?
xCitty_Catx Report | 04/01/2012 5:36 am
How come you havn't been posting any guild announcements? Where you been? D:
Cheerful Mew Report | 03/22/2012 3:22 pm
Cheerful Mew
I haven't talked to you in so long. D:
What have you been doing?
Game of Shadows Report | 03/16/2012 9:01 pm
Game of Shadows
Cute Avi!
MisakiHugz Report | 03/14/2012 4:36 pm
Lolol yeahh, I only go on zOMG to make gold for things.
I'm questing,art, forums, & talk to people! 8D
& now i'll go on even more since Jake will be on sometime.
MisakiHugz Report | 03/14/2012 4:31 pm
Haha yeah.. well no we don't xD he hates zOMG =p
LOLL really? xD Aww lol
Thanks=p u too!
MisakiHugz Report | 03/14/2012 4:22 pm
poor you.
Would he get mad if you did actually did that or broke it? =p

He used to like gaia..but onee person ruined it for him. But I got him back on it anyway! ^-^
MisakiHugz Report | 03/14/2012 4:16 pm
Haha games sometimes win..
Well I can see that :c
That's good ^^
I'm fine, just forced my bf to come back gaia again and he agreed this time.