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Rawr! <3



Hi Welcome to AYUMI'S Profile!Or call me Yuki...Feel free to Donate anything to me!
Here are some dream avis
Dream Avi: (Okay... I'm not going any where with this... >> But it's called a " DREAM" avi for a reason...)
User Image
Total Value: 3,706,054 Gold
After Exclusions: 3,702,054 Gold
Item List:
#000000 Complex Jacket
Kitsune Mask
Steel-plated Ninja Band

I appreciate any donations!
Demonic_Fox_wolf: Nayumi-chan!! Arigatou
Kaguria_Sanaka: Kagu-chan Thankies
Benger Vasquez: Thank You Vessu-kun ^w^
Silk: THANK YOU woop woop CX
GodofDeath-Odin: Thanks *huggles*
Bulleene Katsurou:*hugs* Thanks! ^_^
Isaviel: Oh thanky thanky ^^
Admiral Tagg: Many donations D8 heart

^-^ Hopefully more people can join my donater list ^-^

Hmm...What should I do? Oh I know!
Well anyway I should tell you about me since you've already stayed this long. I'm a girl, I like to draw, I try to be as kind as I can & I like to make people laugh & be happy. I accept people for who they are. Did you know I'm trilingual? Well I am I know English (as you can see), Japanese (Since I'm half Japanese), and I'm currently learning Spanish, but I hate it. crying

Ummm, I'm in HS, I take school seriously. I'm a swimmer. I like reading manga, & watching anime (subs no dubs). I <3 to have a good laugh, I <3 my friends & family. I love food. I try to be there as much as I can for my frends during those hard times, I am the sun for those rainy days.~I do not like people who are shallow, fake & treat my friends & family poorly~ I have a hard time identifying my feelings at times, I can be a butt head at times, I can be a bunch of different things at random times, and I appreciate those who stick by me despite my random ness. smile
Thank you for actually going through your time to reading this, I appreciate, your taking your time to find out more about me. ^_^ Have a nice day.
Feel free to drop a comment

A little space of mine i call internet

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Journal of mine

This is my journal. My quiet place. And my art place.


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Baron Blank Report | 10/15/2013 6:54 pm
Baron Blank
Saint Sims Report | 03/18/2012 3:40 pm
Saint Sims
You're avi is SOOOO CUTE :3
Khaost Kasen Report | 03/16/2012 11:34 pm
Khaost Kasen
It's been such a long time since I've last spoken or commented to you. It feels like diving into the past, for it feels like I've known you for the the past 3-4 years, yet we've drifted off into our lives, and forgotten about each other...
Assassin Hatsume Report | 03/05/2012 11:59 pm
Assassin Hatsume
Awesome profile!! biggrin
Shinsua Report | 12/02/2011 8:02 pm
How have you been~ ?
Shinsua Report | 10/31/2011 2:45 pm
Hey, hey you!
Cryptic Resolve Report | 08/31/2011 6:51 pm
Cryptic Resolve
Phanie doesn't remember my Gaia name :c Shame ;-;
Well, I see you everyday at school....But still xD
Cryptic Resolve Report | 08/27/2011 11:20 pm
Cryptic Resolve
Hi! Do you remember me :c
Khaost Kasen Report | 06/22/2011 5:09 pm
Khaost Kasen
Zombie-Yu Report | 05/08/2011 10:53 am
nice avii

「さくら」~ケツメイシ (Sakura~Ketsumeishi)

Full body pictures I drew

By Misujage ^w^

Pictures drawn by My Friends! (>///<)

Drawn by Kaguria_Sanaka for an art trade. (Such a sweetie)

Drawn by Benger_Vasquez (Xeion-fuku taichou, Vessu-kun) Thankies! *hugs*