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"when life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, show life a thousand reasons to smile."


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Last Login: 08/02/2011 11:33 pm

Registered: 03/18/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Under your mom.

Birthday: 11/15/1992

Occupation: Student, employee, single.


"artists use lies to tell the truth, politicians use lies to cover it up" - V.

- well my name is angela, otherwise, ang, angie, angie-pants etc. i used to be addicted to gaia, but then i stopped playing it, and now i'm back. my last name will be gallner (kyle gallner) by 2020. i also love Bon Jovi, but we're not gonna be married, i just think he's the greatest artist, ever. I can and will be mean if you make me mad, but most of the time i'm pretty happy! Most of my friends are great, and I love them to death. I have a cat, named Pumpkin and he's fat and orange. He's almost eight, and I love him more than anything <3 I have another cat and a dog. I'm almost always willing to accept your friend request because new friends are fun, unless you are perverted or creepy because in this dumb town, I know enough creepy people. I'm on the computer a lot, well a lot more than I should be. Usually I just wait for people to come online they usually don't. I live in a small, stupid town, and will get out of it one day. I won't ask you to donate money or items to me, you made the money, you worked hard, you should get to keep and enjoy it. don't ask me to donate money or items to you, because unless you're a good friend, the answer will most likely be no. i do not like mooches, and i do not like mooching. =)



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Just some random stuff. May be song lyrics, ranting, anything that comes to mind.

Knight Winds
Screamin Willow
love saffier
hella fap
Knight Winds

Hehehe PINK monkeys ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smile Friends smile

My best friend!!