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Hey my name's Melissa, though I prefer Missa. Not saying how old I am, because personally, I don't think any of you need to know. I love anime and manga, and like many of my friends, I'm a total bookworm. My goal career is an author, so I think that should say a lot about my personality. I love RPing, though at this point, I'm still only semi-literate. I love art in all forms, enjoy drawing, and will draw avi art if requested. Also, I will do an art trade if we are close in skill level.

Let's see what else..... I'm a semi-honors student (I kinda flunked honors math a few years ago and got moved down to the advanced class). I am a proud violist and have been playing for about 6 years now, and if you say anything about how bad or stupid violists are, or if you start ranting about how much better violins are, I may have to claw your eyes out. Violist jokes are just immature and annoying. *sigh* Just thought I'd get that rant out of the way.

I am a semi-vegetarian, meaning I still eat fish and seafood. Not because meat is murder, but because the produce grown to raise livestock could be going to feed starving countries instead of giving us a luxury.

I often have random ideas for entire books and forget about them in seconds. For all I know, I've written the next Harry Potter of novels in my head. Although, I do have about 3 or 4 going through my head currently that could turn into something interesting when I actually write them down.

I'll add more later. because right now I can't really think of anything else to include.

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Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
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My (insert adjective here) journal

Basically, the place where I write my thoughts... ^_^' can't think of any other way to put it!


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silencedAphrodite Report | 03/18/2012 3:52 pm
hey! so i know you don't know me and this is probably really creepy but i was looking through forums about the people that have gone to icon, and i saw yours. i went to icon 29 but not 30 and to be honest, i don't remember much. i also only went friday so that explains a lot. i plan on going this year, except all 3 days. i was wondering if they give you a sheet/pamphlet/whatever when you buy your pass with a complete schedule on it?

sorry if this is weird haha. thanks biggrin
Angels at Dawn Report | 06/11/2011 8:19 pm
because they're 12 years old and don't know what it's like /nods wisely
Angels at Dawn Report | 05/31/2011 5:53 pm
wow...I'M SURE YOU'LL WIN!!! dude that's really awesome > www < More power to ya. I don't have the guts to wear a duct tape prom gown, much less have the epicness to make one...
awww you guys are going together? hehe, that's cute > w < /shot
me too man. I love playing all those mystical fantasy what-have-yous. I mean I see like "LOL HIGH SCHOOL RP" and I'm like "yeah...kinda glad to get out of high school, really don't want to be in it kthxbai" not to mention every char in those rps are pregnant...even the males. .___.;;
Angels at Dawn Report | 05/30/2011 9:26 am
you're making your prom dress? holy crap...who are you going with, anyway? XD

me? well...normally anything really. I'm in a couple of action-y rps and a few fantasy ones and a few based on an anime...XDDD /shot
what about you~?
Angels at Dawn Report | 05/30/2011 8:42 am
love your username though > www < b
I need a new one. I've had the same one since....2006. /shot so hard
gaia-wise? same as always. joining RPs and...yeah. that's all.
now that I'm on senior project, that's all I've pretty much been doing

as for real life wise...gma wants to take me sundress shopping
and then I have to do some physics homework /shoots self in foot
annnnd then procrastinate on stuff that I could do but won't cause it's due n a month 8D
Angels at Dawn Report | 05/29/2011 8:49 pm
WOAH! hey alter ego ;D
I thought your username was something else! I thought you grew out of Gaia...
not nerdy ole me. XD
Angels at Dawn Report | 05/29/2011 7:34 pm
o uo! Who is this? glad to see more people on gaia, though ;D
Elle Mornie Echoir Report | 05/16/2011 6:43 pm
lol xd yes you ish. heart
Elle Mornie Echoir Report | 05/11/2011 3:42 pm
*poke* *poke* heart xp
silencedAphrodite Report | 08/11/2010 3:57 pm
ohhh xD


Innocence is ugly in the one who is guilty.

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It's hard to be optimistic and practical at the same time.

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I ish Missa's bffl!

I was a n00b. I'm not anymore, but I still smell like panda poopies.

Me and Missa sold our souls to the Devil for a plate of spaghetti!

I want a quotey bubbly thing!

Is it weird that I want to go to school wearing a fluffy tail?