Well overall I am a 21 year old pansexual, witch/spiritual practitioner. I don't believe in gender being a defining feature in people so I won't tell you mine.

I love music art and nature as well as video games. I don't require much to entertain me but I do like attention at times. (as do we all I think)

Just remember if you hurt me then I'll probably hurt you back... Be my friend and I'll love you forever.

Also puppies and cute things are awesome!

I'm currently in school for culinary arts.

Just so you know I love easily but if you ever hurt me you may not get it back.

you may also get cursed depending how bad the treachery... KAY?! heart


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How calm?

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That's adorable <3
I've never gone camping.
Where do you guys normally camp?

No big plans for the new year. Just my last year of school.
I don't like setting new years resolutions because they never last haha.
What about you?

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Aw, it sounds like you had an awesome Christmas!
I'm so glad!
A lot of the people I talk to, for some reason, had a depressing Christmas.
Do you and your girlfriend go camping? :3

We had a lemon meringue pie... emotion_drool

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My Christmas was pretty good.
Ate a lot of ham.
One of my buddies cat me this kitty sleeping aid that has a heartbeat. :3

Get anything nice or eat anything good?

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My name is Kon.
It's nice to meet you Atria. :3
Did you have a merry christmas? (If you celebrate)
Vulpine Kakato

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Vulpine Kakato

You have neat pro and you're avi looks cool.
Bae Candy

Report | 09/30/2013 1:24 am

Bae Candy

you avi was cute, anyway smile
Bae Candy

Report | 09/24/2013 1:20 am

Bae Candy

hello? whee

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Thank you so much! heart

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You have a beautiful profile <3


I am 26. I have been through a lot of crap, but I am a blacksmith so a lot of crap went through me. So yes.

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