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Hello, my name is Heithur
-I'm not an alcoholic
-I'm 26
-I have a son who was born May 4, 2010.<3 Star Wars day!
-I live in Texas
-I spend too much time on Facebook.
-I don't find rape to be funny and I have no problem going off on strangers who use it to be humorous.
-I have Type I Bipolar and I'm very open about it. Ask any questions
-I'm a short 5'3"
-I'm pale so I can't find any make-up that's light enough for me
-I've got a fiance so nothnxplz
-I like animals
-I like the colours green and brown
-I love sleeping
-I live for music. Mostly oldies.
-I'm very clutzy and have tons of stories to prove it
-My Ambien stories are great. Srsly, I do some weird stuff.
-I like to sing and make people cry as a result of it
-I've been on Gaia since November 4, 2003 but as Rymiona
-I like giraffes
-Pepsi is the greatest drink evar
-I pee sitting down, as a lady should
-I only wear coloured socks because I'm not racist
-I can put my right leg behind my head
-I like to rock the casbah every now and then
-I love MS Paint
-A member of the Browncoats. Yeah, I'm that nerdy.
-I like to crochet because I'm a billion years old
-The smell of Chinese food makes me throw up :N
-I'm for gays getting married because they should have to suffer too :3
-I like to rawk out all day long =D
-I like to give out lots of random comments
-I have three tattoos. Atomic symbol on my right ankle, robot on my left calf and three music notes on my left shoulder. O:
-I may act like a huge jerk with an ego to boot. Sorry, just how I roll.
-I rarely stay on topic.
-I don't give a s**t if you disagree with what I have to say. I know that I'm always right and that's what matters.
-Guys, get over it if I feel like talking about my period. If you ever want to have a healthy relationship, you'll shut the hell up and deal with it.
-I have no problem talking to strangers. PM me if you want
-I'm considered legally blind so don't steal my glasses please. D:
-My favourite scent is vanilla
-I have a kickass office job where I get overpaid


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My pug, Bea Arthur, is a damn princess.


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Darkcat94 Report | 05/23/2020 9:51 pm
Girl it's been forever
faerenach Report | 06/18/2015 7:10 pm
What a beautiful avatar - great job!!
ScarredRavens Report | 03/07/2015 11:38 pm
Thank you emotion_kirakira
Sex for Dinner Report | 03/07/2015 9:09 pm
thank you so muchhh redface i'm so happy thank you thank you thank you
aftereyefall Report | 09/09/2014 11:04 am
Miss you!!
aftereyefall Report | 05/01/2014 2:32 pm
AHHHHHH!!! heart heart heart
DeeDee Gambino Report | 02/09/2013 10:09 am
I'm wondering which Adventure Time item I ought to gift you, dear. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! heart
countryfreak13 Report | 02/21/2012 1:12 pm
Thanks for buying! smile
Kara-Layla Shadows Report | 05/11/2011 4:00 am
heart Congrats on your baby for turning one! Your baby will only one once so please post the party pics! heart Happy Birthday JM!
Christendopher Report | 05/08/2011 1:55 pm
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