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Holy hell. It has been a solid forever since I last updated this. Welp, in my fourth year of studying Psychology and Political Science. I know, exciting stuff. Yup. I'm 21. I'm old as dirt now...

It's a sad sight when you've gotten so old 90% of the people on your friends list don't get on anymore, and haven't for months/years. Here is a thank you for all the good times we had before you all disappeared. Much love to you guys.


The above comment brought a sad smile to my face, but still rings true.


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Viva la resistance

The ramblings of an insane genious... in other words me.


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Froogie Report | 05/11/2011 8:01 pm
Hey, that's not bad. *__* But I hope they release another RIG with the same odds as overdrive. Although hopefully with better items. :/
Froogie Report | 05/11/2011 7:40 pm
Yes, Crystal Overdrives Arcana chance totally almost negated my overdrive winnings though. From the looks of things I'm not doing to well on these either. xD Did you win anything cool from overdrives?
Froogie Report | 05/11/2011 7:04 pm
Ooh not bad. o: Best thing I won was that Heartful Punch. :S Past two RIGs have NOT been nice to me. ;__;
Froogie Report | 05/11/2011 6:59 pm
Hahah. I won around the price of the bundle. So not really. Perhaps you should try playing some. ;D
Orizion Report | 04/09/2011 10:43 am
I think you're my hero. Thanks for agreeing with me in some sort of fashion. I think. XD
Blue Aether Report | 03/21/2011 3:55 am
Aww... enjoy your last day before going back to the rutine! hehe heart
Blue Aether Report | 03/20/2011 10:30 am
Hello!! Wow, awesome Furikuri cosplay!! biggrin
How are you? :3
Orizion Report | 03/19/2011 1:14 pm
Okay. I'm not sure what FLCL stands for or who Haruko is. Are you planning on remaining this way, just out of curiosity?
Orizion Report | 03/19/2011 1:08 pm
Why are you a female now?
Orizion Report | 02/26/2011 4:24 pm
Ah, ignore the previous comment, I just found it. Damn, the b*tch is expensive!! D-:<


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