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Holy carp! Art!

Young Atlas.
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By watersquirt!

Atlas Mugshot Sketch.
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By mascarun

Atlas RP Portraits.
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By RyumeiX1

Past And Present Paths Sketch.
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By DragonMistress07

Modern Atlas Sketch
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By RyumeiX1

Toon Atlas Mugshot
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Mini Atlas Comic.
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Atlas Mugsketch
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By DJ Arrow

Pickle Atlas.
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By some guy who likes pickles. (couldn't actually remember his name.)


Art by Picca Marsh

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Atlas Van Malice.

Artefact collector, Shapeshifter and Womanizing GGGDILF.

Also a connoisseur of tea.



"Your chances of winning this fight went up in flames several hundreds of years ago. Stop trying and get lost already!" - Atlas Van Malice.

Hundreds of years ago, an catastrophic event took place. A malevolent dragon god had returned from the depth's of the earth to rule over mortals once more. His name was Oblivion and with his nigh infinite power, he tore from Atlas his left arm... and his life.

However only a few years later, Atlas somehow returned from the dead to find the skies submerged in darkness. With the help of his allies, both old and new, he was able to rally the rebellion against Oblivion's forces. But Atlas had to face Oblivion himself.

With the powers given to him as he grew up, Atlas was able to defeat Oblivion at his full power and dispel the infinite void he had casted across the skies. However, before peace seemed ultimately certain Oblivion let out an deathly roar and use'd all his power to curse Atlas with immortality before tearing his own heart out and killing himself in satisfaction.

These events that transpired were known as the War Of Eternal Darkness. The war to free the world from the mercy of a god. It was won, and the world was free'd. But Atlas remained eternally as a prisoner to time.

Kind at heart, super strong and often way smarter than he actually let's on. Atlas is not only probably the youngest but also the strongest of spirit dragons. That being said there are very, very few spirit dragons left so it can't be said there are many capable of matching him.

His signature fighting style is of course by hand-to-hand combat. Boasting incredible strength and abnormal speed he can attack enemies and avoid attacks with his ability to stop time for a brief moment but only for so many times as even the body of a dragon has it's limits and stopping time takes incredible amounts of Atlas's power.

Although being a Spirit Dragon is rare enough on it's own. Atlas is also what historians refer to as a "Monarch Blood" Dragon. A dragon capable of taking the form of an Elder Dragon. Otherwise known as a 'True Form'. "Before mortals dominated the Earth it would be those of the Monarch Blood that ruled the Ground, Sea and Air. Even ruling over Death itself."

After retiring from G.A.S.I. (Global Agency of Supernatural Intervention.) Atlas went on to begin collecting many powerful ancient artefacts from an age time forgot. Both for research... and to ensure they could never be use'd.

-----Atlas Van Malice-----
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Light blue
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Date Of Birth: Bout some 1,000,000,000 years ago.
Breed: Monarch
Element: Spirit Monarch
Personality: Kind at heart, often super cool headed, possibly unstable.

+Is a ******** dragon.
+Master of disguise.
+Master Of Illusion Magic.
+Strong as ******** sense of style.
+Fast as ******** boooiii.

-Isn't as popular as Wixi.
-Immortal but the bad kind.
-Suffers from PTSD.

Time Stop: Atlas can briefly stop time, however this ability takes a grievous toll on his body. At best, he'll only be able to get away with doing it 5 times before succumbing to exhaustion.
Paradox Aura: Atlas's mastery of illusions combined with his ability to manipulate time allows his body to produce an aura that causes all his actions to repeat up to 3 times. Which he can use to consecutively strike opponents several times in singular movements. In other words: 1 punch = 3 impacts.
Heart Of Fire: An ancient ability to unlock an incredible firey will within the body, allowing for increased endurance, strength, speed and power.
Furious Heart: An extension of Heart Of Fire. Further increasing endurance, strength, speed and power at a great cost to stamina.
Scorching Will: A forbidden extension of the Heart Of Fire. Further increasing endurance, strength, speed and power. However, prolonged use can end up shortening the user's lifespan.

The Abyss Diary: A devious and unlucky artefact from an age BEST forgotten. Peering into the pages of the forbidden book will grant the reader an never ending ocean of knowledge at the price of the reader's lifespan. A year of their life for every sentence they read. In other words, only the lifeless, the immortal and the insane can dare read it. There is a... catch however. Only those who have in some big way experienced death can actually read it. It will only appear as blank pages to those who have not experienced death as intensely.
Devil's Wine: A bottle of wine. One would think just a normal bottle of wine at first glance. The inscription on it is in a lost demonic language however and no matter how much you drink, the bottle never empties. Most witches have theorised that the contents of the wine are actually blood but after Atlas tested it on a vampire and a few other blood sucking creatures, that theory was found to be false. It is in fact just a never ending supply of very fine tasting wine. Peering into the bottom of the bottle reveals an demonic pentagram with runes commonly use'd for portals meaning that the wine is being transported from an unknown source.
Oblivion's Third Eye: The third eye of the dragon god Oblivion. The very same Atlas fought in the War Of Eternal Darkness. Although Oblivion committed suicide in his defeat, the power of his third eye plunged the sky into a dark void and sapped almost all mortals of their hopes and determination. A power that Atlas must make absolutely sure is never use'd again.

Strength ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 8/10
Perception: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 6/10
Endurance: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 10/10
Charisma: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 8/10
Intelligence: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 6/10
Agility: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 8/10
Luck: ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ ◯ 5/10
Physical Resistance: 72%
Mental Resistance: 45%
Poison Resistance: 49%
Disease Resistance: 68%

Real talk here. My real name is Scott. I live in Scotland. I enjoy rping and I love it when people come to me instead of going to them as I take it as a sign I'm doing a good job entertaining in an rp. Normally I only ever prefer 1 on 1 rp's through messaging. I love thriller anime and I'm a talented writer, however a novice, and I do take pride in any projects I have a hand in. I unfortunately have a bit of a faulty memory so I may end up sending an FR to someone who rejected it already then sending it again because my brain is like "Ooh, this persons new." I can't help it. gonk I'm a very, very, VERY experienced gamer all the way back from the PS1 era and I am currently on my final semester of college hoping to find a job maybe find a job in writing.


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stare All my old friends on here liked it.
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Yes to break a never ending Cycle of Good and Evil. And so here she is. 3nodding
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I write stuff.

Hey did you know that I write stuff? I mean you'd have to considering it's the title of this panel.

Just follow this link to my DeviantArt page and you'll be able to read some prime Webfic's written by none other than your probably 2nd favourite dragon in Gaia!
First being Wixi.