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Hello! Shoot me some messages, I'm friendly! Ignore the headings for my layout. I won't reject you. :>

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Nymn Report | 08/05/2009 6:03 pm
Awh thankies, oh and I just saved the best 'happy birthday' for last xD~! heart heart

p.s. jsjdoif I can't take all of that!! D: I'm soo canceling the trade right now.
Prannke Report | 04/05/2009 1:24 pm
Prannke Report | 04/05/2009 1:22 pm
i have all of the artists names on my pro
DropVox Report | 03/24/2009 9:47 pm
I'm sorry. I have no idea what the sheep is called. I tried looking it up in the MP and got no results.

Good luck figuring it out.
DropVox Report | 03/24/2009 9:42 pm
Thank you for your purchase. :'D
Nymn Report | 03/20/2009 9:00 pm
And that’s really cool about your teacher! I try to be friends with my teachers because you never know how it may affect you. Except I don’t think my math teacher likes me too much, in the beginning she did, but now she doesn’t. And sometimes it’s akward for me, I see her every morning during first period and I’m the first student every day, and it’s only us in the classroom for about thirty to forty minutes. Also being so early in the morning, it’s really bad for me because I’m very, very tired during first period. And last semester I had pe first period so it was actually really good for me, but having math in the morning it an absolute killer. D:

And that’s wonderful to know!! I’m perfectly fine hanging by myself and all, but it’s always sweeter to have friends. Plus it’s very reassuring to know that you too have a friendly student body. Hmm I think I’ll transfer over next year, only if I can end up passing this semester and summer school feeling good about myself and not having all of this stress at the end...for I don’t want to have a difficult time in my regular classes and then transferring to a harder school...>.>

P.S. the wink fairy visited again on your last post
Nymn Report | 03/15/2009 9:52 pm
Oh really? That’s wonderful about the no money policy, well except for the obvious donation requirement here and there. And I can’t believe I forgot that AP classes are supposed to be similar to college classes in high school. But then at AOC you simply take the college class itself. XD

Also hearing the way on how the teachers, actually have a desire to teach is wonderful. Like at my school there is some very willful, experienced, good teachers, but other’s teaching skills really don’t compare. A good example is my math teacher, she is very ‘chill’ and over all easy going. But her teaching methods is just to take notes, like she tells us things like “oh! Just do this” instead of the critical “why?... you must do this because…”
However I really doing like my math teacher despite she is easy going…For what really makes be upset is the fact…well some how my homework was ‘displaced’ AFTER I turned it in. And then my teacher tell me, “Oh…weeeelll...I can’t make any exceptions…and your going to have to turn it in late with a homework pass..” And then I get points marked off my homework! D<

Anyways, only 30 students?! Oh no…I’m sure there is high competition is high to enter your school. Now that I think about it, I better bring up my grades! Somehow, this semester, I can’t keep up a ‘A’ in my math and English class; I have B’s in those classes ;-;. Ugh, it’s really stressful to me…Also I might go to the open house event…for I’m thinking about transferring to your school in my junior or senior year, but more likely my junior year. Entering during my sophomore year, next school year, seems a little too soon for me. I think I want to send one more year at WRHS, and see my friends there one more time…but then that means I get to attend school with you only one year…and it might be too difficult for me to enter my junior year…I’m still thinking about it, I’m not sure when I should transfer over anymore…

And wow, that’s amazing about the huge breaks on Fridays. ><

Thank you so much for all of the answers :3
Nymn Report | 03/12/2009 3:26 pm
Wait a second...Don't you already go to AOC? Or was it ECHS (Early College...) I thought they were the same thing ^-^;;;

How are they merging? By this I mean is AOC -> ECHS or ECHS-> AOC.

Because you take college classes at the same time, do you have to pay? Do you have to take AP tests??

By the way, I understand that I'm an pretty much interrogating you, but doing research ^-^;; And what is a better way, than asking a student who goes there? Well besides just looking a the web sites, but they weren't too helpful..

Lastly, as for my school, it's all good.
Nymn Report | 03/06/2009 5:34 pm
hehee anyways how are YOU?? how's your high school? AOC right?
Nymn Report | 02/20/2009 7:56 pm
Hey love.