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Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Melayna and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I truly hope that you enjoy to read, because writing is my life. It is my past, present and future. It's is what I breath and what I dream. Words are my one true love, and I am frightfully addicted to plot.

If you want to check out my gallery of writing, go to:

The only other slightly interesting thing about me is that I have ambitions to travel the world. I want to go everywhere and hear the local myths and legends and then adapt them and make them a truth in my stories. If I could live my life that way would be amazing, but alas, I am a very money conscious person and therefore I plan to become a teacher to fund said travels.

I hope you are well!
Melayna heart


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Miko's Journal of Stuff!

This is where I will post whatever I feel like, cuz I can! Bwahahaha! LOL! Anyhow, I love to write so some of my work might just end up here.



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XRainbowScalesX Report | 11/21/2009 5:42 pm
crazy cool avi~! mrgreen
Mega-Emo-Kitty Report | 09/06/2009 5:00 pm
like my hair??
Mega-Emo-Kitty Report | 09/05/2009 8:56 am
How come ur never on when I'm on. It really sucks! Cuz ur a great friend! BTW why r u a joker!!?? u look funny!
Zuel Report | 09/01/2009 10:17 pm
It's ok because I knew you were going to say that. xd Have a great day and thanks for the comment.
szkl7 Report | 09/01/2009 9:56 pm
You're welcome.
Mega-Emo-Kitty Report | 08/18/2009 6:33 am
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Mega-Emo-Kitty Report | 08/18/2009 6:22 am
Well that is okay! But remember I wanted to find those blue embroidered jeans or how ever u spell it! LOL And I just jumped in a room so I didn't know what room I was in when I met u at the rally. BTW ur a great friend! biggrin
MannY_PuNKS Report | 08/18/2009 4:36 am
Mega-Emo-Kitty Report | 08/17/2009 3:19 pm
Astomiko u have the best fashion ever!
MannY_PuNKS Report | 08/16/2009 3:03 pm
i goty it from my friend cuz my friend send it to me


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--Not Meant To Be xoxo
Lady Kiwi

Religion is like a Toothbrush,
Eveyone needs their own and it hurts
like hell when you try to shove it down
somebody else's throat! <3

"I don't come with dice, so don't play with me!"

"Never give in to what you could give up" -Lady Kiwi

Continual Bleep. The unfading sound of a fading life.
Transparent to the mind but concrete to the heart,
Measuring each breath of the translucent dream, where
The dreamer can never escape.

Tense Bleep. Counting the tears that flow there,
Standing beside the people who come and go.
Never to stay but always trapped, bedside left
Empty once again.

Sad Bleep. Withered petals grace the ground, murky
Water in the vase of withered grief. The pain too
Much for their fragile hearts; so save face and
Leave me behind.

A Bleep. Surrounding and encasing the bed grave.
The last place been, the last place seen, look upon
The slumbering face. No fear, only tubes of the
Artificial fading life.

Bleep. The last, the longest. Bleep of fear,
Of regret and self hate. Should have been there,
Seen more, and given more support. The dreamer's
Last beat of heart.


-Melayna Ross

Man is free the moment he wishes to be.
Free from the rot and distraught
that come without thought
in hurdles that curdle the soul.

-Melayna Ross

Pharaoh of the Desert,
Empress of the Moon
Curse the living daylight
Out of each buffoon

Turn each head around
To curse them without fear
Blacken each tomorrow
For I hold none of them dear

Darkened morrows, save but one
For one I do so cherish
Pray thee, save that one
But the rest I wish to perish

One loves two, two to four
Save them, save them, stop,
No more! Each connected
So my curse I'll drop

Pharaoh of the Desert
Empress of the Moon
Curse the unloved sinners
And turn them into loons

Halt, tell me not
Loved are you, he and she
Compassion be the cause
No more of this I'll see!

Pain, oh sharp pain again!
Ease yourself against my chest
And let my breath beat now
Within my steady chest

One way in, another out
Let humans be the curse
My words are clear, in
My path I'll make all worse

Magic of the Earth
Lady of the Lake
One thing still remains
So burn me at my stake

Reprehend me for evil intent
And for giving up for one
But wait and see, my loves,
Because from this I will not run

Flames of pain bring forth
The worst of human kind
Let them see no light or hope
And leave only darkened minds

Hunger, greed, hatred and then
Live in putrid fear
Let them bring it on themselves
Their punishment is near

Fire of the Gods
Spiders of the Rocks
Keep my curse alive
And call it Pandora's Box

-Melayna Ross

Loss of time, lack of time, pay
For the simple fact you forgot.
Spread everywhere, like butter on
Soft and fragile bread.

Word to your mothers who
Didn't teach you that the birds
And the bees use their knees
For more than sitting down.

So get up, shut up, lose your
Inhibitions in the mesh
And mess that we call
Modern society.

Unacceptable and unforgettable
Are the events and rents
We pay to see and be without
Thinking twice with sense.

Sense and sensibility to use
The uncommon sense of
Ancestors long forgotten in
The hustle and bustle today.

Trials and tribulations rule the day
That make you pay and weigh
The rights and wrongs of peace and war
For only a little bit more.

So think without the head that
Just wants to bed now, not later
And spread respect in effect
Of mind over matter.

-Melayna Ross