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Occupation: Keepin it Straight./ in gettin wifey mode right now


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Waht's up people it's CaptaanFalcon and im just chillen in dat 843 area!!! well now that i got my avatar right you guys can call me toshiro Hitsuguya. or u can still call me CaptaanFalcon of course at nuttin to me but its a new year so it's time for new things of course and by the way im single again Ladies so holla at me if u wanna hook up of course !!!

my name is Diaab but u can call me Asteroid or Kp so it reaLLYdon't matter. ummmm i sk8 for Kp sk8 shop and been doing that for like5 years now and on april 5th of this year it will be nine years i have sk8ed. and that is my b day. word up man. im just chillen wishing that my boo boo Riot love was online right now but everytime she can get on i know u can i guess soo it aight . but u know me im a scence kid of course and i love it kuz it decribes who i iz cuz. and im a very good dancer just check out my sh*t on youtube i guess and then i will holla at chall later man 2's. New news!1 i also sk8 for Soco sk8 shop now and im loving it for the most part im 18 now and i want to take sk8in to the next level..and in a cuple of months i will be 19 and i having a big f*ckin party so i hope yalll want to come cuz its gunna be epic!!! to f*cking epic for words fizzle fuk Duh!!! i liek a lot of things and i don't f*ck around with bullsh*t and all dat yes im Black and Brazilan so f*ck wit it!!!

what do i really like to do: umm i really like to do a lot of things actually . it just depends on what im feelin at tha moment i guess but Sk8in is my thing you know?and dancing rapping listeing to dubstep!!!!!

Fav TRICK: uumm yeah i got to say Dolphin heels now cuz i kinda got them on lock right now for 2011

Fav Grind: Feeble Grind & fAKIE CROOKS

Why Sk8?: why cuz Sk8in is the sh*t cuz i might seem like the only black dude in my neiborhood who sk8s n sh*t but it's raw to me man im the sh*t when it comes to Sk8in that why i f*ck with Killa Peaks man If it wasn't for Killa Peaks i really wouldn't like sk8in cuz they the reason why i started before they picked my up.

Fav Sponser: Killer Peaks duh!

What else u do?: umm i dance And i can Rap

Fav Game: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground & Tekken6

Fav Sk8r on Killer Peaks squad?: i would have to say My home boy Robbie he just deos ill sh*t when we sk8 to gether amd my nigga New jon cuz he taught me how to do bigspins on the mini

Fav DVD: C1rca It's Time

Fav Part in DVD: Windsor James

Why? Cuz first of all he raw as sh*t and he's black he's one of my idols.

Do You Ever Have people Doubt you? Hell yeah my Just about my whole family thinks i will never get big in sk8in and most of my black friends say im a switch out because i sk8. they just got to get see to it but i wish more peps would support me more.but it wont matter to me cuz imma be black and brazilan for the rest of my life.

Do u have Supporters? Yeah i got a lot i just want my family to be the biggest support but part of my family is Killer Peaks. yeah i also got the peps from the myspace and youtube.also tagged and other sites that actually had a chance to look at my sh*t so f*ck other sh*t kp alll day

Things u like about Girls: Just about everything except if they r rude and nasty and they don't conduct themselves. i love goodlooking women obciuosly. sh*t what do u think i am. yeah but i like white, Japanese, Brazilan, and latino girls a lot !!

a person u had a good realtionship: My ex. Yeah Janeli.

Why??: Cuz she was actually kind of hard on me and she was a challenge. we had some love for each other at the time and we still do i guess we were just going back into friend mode i guess.

So you still Date? well yeah i actually got anothr gurl now.but i don't really like to talk about dating since Janeli broke up with me a long time ago i guess.BUT AINT NUTTIN I KNOW THAT SHE STILL LOVES ME SO ONE OF THESE DAY S OIMMA GET U BACK

Who and how is she:well im dating a girl even right now i guess but she is cool but i guess there will be noone like Janeli. she was just a f*cking fire hot head but my girl is pretty cool. we never got in a fight yet so im just gonna leave it at that .

So anything new gonna happen for 2010?: well we got new people on the team now. Jon Miller aka New jon he is the sh*t and he taught me howw to do a bigspin on the mini and halfpipe . i love that nigga.

The last Sk8 DVD you watched?: well the last Dvd i watched would have to the Battle of the Berrics. it was the sh*t cuz Mike Mo killed dat sh*t foreal cuz,.

Fav PArt in Baker Has AS Deathwish?: Um Lizard King and Theotis Beasly i guess.They sk8 mad ill and then the Go Get cha Wet Wipes song playin in the backround.

1 thing u like about ur ex?: Wrll janeli is like a nice f*cking hot head. i like dat about her but ii guess that kinda ruined our realtionship i guess. kinda sucks but maybe 1 day she will understand from where i was coming form i guess.

U had any lUck wit the ladies latly? : Um not really man i just been by myself most of the time my ex Janeli still be giving me a hard time most of the tiime i guess. and iws dating this girl in south Craolina Sarah Hart but she f*cked me over so f*ck dat dirty bit time to move on i life Puh tuh tuh Tatoe!!!!!!
But i Got new Events coming up real soon so if ya interested read this and comment

Anything good happening right now?: well i guess the thing about me getting sponsered to Soco Sk8 shop is good also just happened like 2 weeks ago AND GOT A LOT OF NEW TIRCKS so holla at cha boi inthe sk8in and i will show u the lowdown.

Newest tirck learned?: well the newest trick that i just learned in 2010 will have to be nollie bigspins . yeah they are easy but i just now learning them so f*ck i t i guess but i will be straight , then i will work on swotch and sh*t. amd another trick that i learned was fakie frontside bigspins.

So wats up with Kp Sk8 shop right now?: well i guess they just being laid back for right now i guess but it wioll be staright kp will be up and running agAION SOON AND VERY SOON.

So any new Sponseres comin?: well yeah i talked to the woody's and Undergrond Skate team and i submitted my video so hopfully i can get on it cuz the owner already talked to me and was like he liked my sh*t and thats no problem i guess i love what i do and i do it to the best of my ability so im fine for now ill let u know if i get sponsered by them....

How the Dancing goin?: well its doin good actully ive been tutting just about as long as i remember but its gunna get better and thanx to dubsteop ive been learning new ways to tutt in sh*t so u will see some hot sh*t on youtube by me just look up Asteroid Kp1 and look at my stuff and comment i guess...!!!1 Duh!! Puhh Fizzle fuk!!!

Wats Dubstep?: Dubstep is like a mixture of Hip hop . dance, trance , and techno i guess i love the way it sounds cuz it makes these weord noises that sounds like whooo waowww n sh*t i gues pretty cool thogh for the most part.

so how was Japan?: well Japan id f*cking awesome and i called it the Japanese version of Las vegas to me . everyones cool as a bit and their is no worries i guess. and tha girls are hott as fuk furreal..!!!

Did u get sum girls in Japan?: well i guess u can say that umm ive been in Japan back in forth for a long time so i got a lot of friends. ive met these sexy ass twins mimi amd momo from osaka andd i actully gone out with both of them and now im Dating Momo i guess.. lucky me but hey ladies im always looking for sumone whos Dtf so if u want me u can have me i got enough to go round nuff said Fizzle Fuk Canary Duh!!!

Wat else did u do while u was in Jpan? well i f*cking went snow boarding and its awesome iguess had hella fun.....

so how was that Party u had UR HOUSE WHILE UR gARND pARENTS were gone?: well it was amazing i had weed beer and coke so i was really f*cked up i just wish i had sum x and then i wud of been str8 i guess....

Nigga u was Str8 Gone confused hell yeah i be str9 gone and fuked just about everyday man aint nuttin new thats just what keeps me calm in this sh*tty world .

NEW sh*t!!!!!
upcoming events comig soon to the sk8 community.
umm we got the Winter Comp coming up soon just pm me to find out wats going i guess but this is a new year so its filled with new surorises i guess. um i would like to say word up to all my homes that been helping me out ltely with everything . thanks with your help my sponsers are making me so much better.

New Dances too!!!
got the sh*t coming up on youtube just look UP cPORTMAN2 TO SEE ALL MY STUFF PLEZZZ. I NEED THA COMMENTS and Views . thats all im asking please i really need the hwelp i just wanna be lie mike song and tiny tran man. got mu tutting game up so imma be straight i guess.
I also had a new Dvd that just came out . U know the sk8 game is getting up i guesss. Click Here is the name of the video just lookit up on youtube i guess.

i LIKE sk8in of course and dancing is my thing..!!
Brains too. i love the mind body and soul. it is the ultimate element of dancing .

I like Kuro she is the greatses t and help me wit just aboout everything!!
Janeli Aka Janca.!! well in i still love her even though we don't have that type of relationship anymore. WELL TO JUTS MAKE IT CLEAR She broke up wit me but its all gud i guess umm she is the only one the really deosn' show she cares for me buit i no deep down inside that she deos. i just now it and i just want her to show it cuz i really care for her.!!!

well my new fav dance song right now is The Whip - Blackout (Shinichi Osawa Remix) and Animale Dubstep Remix by Datsik man
yep that song is the sh*t right now and i like it a lot go check it out if u want to.i just love how th way it sounds i sh*t its just amazing to me i guess. lol welll i makes me think of the darkness

Has new things been going on since u turned 18?: well i guess a lil bit besides gettting sponsered by Soco sk8 shop and meeting new girls, aint to much has been going on with me just been getting new moves and new sh*t .

So how do you like soco sk8 shop?: Well soco. Its okay i guess man i just been doin a lot of videos for them and i get a lot of free sh*t . i just bought me a toymachine board lik last week and i actully like it. i never had one before and it rides pretty good.

sp wats going on wit u right now!!?: well aint to much sh*t i guess i got in touch with my dad again and ssh*t i guess so i guess we doin goood wit that and sh*t so i just been sk8in and having a good time and stuff i currently working on getting a new soinser so i will let everyone now when that is coming in in sh*t well aint to much new stuff going on though. but... i learned a trick and its regular bipspins wit a pivot

they call me the Brazilan boy wonder whos sk8s all day . get at me

U can hate me love me wat eva i don't care even know i really do so just hit me up i like to chill smoke drik the usual party boy i guess just like dem niggas on Jersey shore nigga and i love tht show . anyways new sh*t comin out for the team i guess got tha Jerk game sick right now also and i know people been wanting a new pic of me in my sig so imma give it to ya i guess. hit me up niggas hit me up if u want my number.. Peace out puh tuht tuh Duh!!!


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awesome! how are u?
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you sure you stay for a while?
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welcome back smile
how are u?? 3nodding
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Heavy Metal Lullaby
Thank you for the friend request, I'm using the moon for my Werewolf and Vampire avatar, probably use it for my Zombie too mrgreen
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wht up?
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tht good to know 3nodding
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how are u?
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Hiiiiii 3nodding
How are you??? sweatdrop
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wht up?


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