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Report | 03/07/2011 2:34 pm


cool avi
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Report | 08/03/2007 1:07 pm

Momo Liru

I like yer strange video.
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Report | 07/29/2007 4:11 am

Rainbow Sedative

User Image

Everytime I place my hand down my panties as I've strewn my pants across the floor. I kneel on my bed, my cheek face rested onto the pillow I always think of you. As I move my fingers inside, purging the innocence in return for vast satisfaction... It begins to drip, becoming so wet to stick my fingers inside becomes so difficult to the point where it anticipates, as as the urge gets out of control, I think only of your...


Hm, could it be because you're not in school?

Watch, once school's back in session you'll be sniffing those chikas out like a horny dog on a search for those doggies in heat, bark bark! ;3
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Report | 07/21/2007 11:05 pm

Rainbow Sedative

You're so totally right! You're such a bore!


Heheh, hey, I've got no life and more than all the time in the world, so I'm always a candidate for some listening, but if it's talking about love then you're better off with someone else. >->; I'm only good with the being a cynic on the compassion of love!

Great.... So you wouldn't be able to stop completely, huh? You're so weak! -o-

I can go months without it and without any obstacle for an implication or any other addiction!

Guess who's the bigger man?


One winged angel?

So... Say I try to rape you can ya get away?


*Gets the duct tape ready*

You're weird because:

(In my own lil' opinion!)

a. You're always mourning.

b. There's ALWAYS some girl!

c. You're an altruist with a diminishing self-esteem complex.

d. You can get along with a self-gratifying and horny cynic~! *Waves merrily*

e. Totally narcissistic in the most awe-inspiring way.

f. You whack off more than a male elephant with blue balls! :'D

: Yuppers, I'm such a b***h!
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Report | 07/20/2007 9:37 pm

Rainbow Sedative

My a** you could do that! -o- Plus, you know you want to hear about my sexual fantasies! xD

Oh, I died the tips, bangs, and two strips of hair red~! I'm a blonde with red, yay! ^-^ Although ever since I've been getting a lot of comments... from men... Disgusting... I hate when people treat me like I'm a two year old by calling my 'baby', 'girlie', 'little girl'! >.< I swear, I was about to go on a genocide on the male race...

Killing loneliness? You got friends for that!

User Image

I really like this pic, too bad I can't ever try to make something like that... Oh, at any rate~!

Isn't it pretty? It's vacant, there's an enclosed atmosphere ostracizing all formalities of interaction or communication with others, it gives a sense of isolation, a given or induced isolation? Can we pick to be alone or are we naturally made to be alone?

You wanna know something else about that picture?

It can also symbolize something wonderful:

The chair is vacant. No one occupies, that, that's bad, huh? No, not at all. Why would you want to be caged in that space with nothing but a chair to consult, to turn sedentary. No one is alone in the enclosing. The horizon beckons to the seas to lay in rest awaiting the next day it cane shine and allow a new start. Warm colors give a sense of security and hope, isn't that lovely? ^-^

An older brother, I can't be with anyone since I chicken out, screw up, piss them off, or something of another so the closest I ever get is big brother. Big brother and I were so tight but he soon started breaking away until he had his entire own agenda. I've been wanting someone I can leech onto, watch over, talk with, just someone I can feel happy, unconditionally.

Hehe, I'm sorry! ^-^ How's he doing, and you never told me you had an older brother!

Hehe, I knew what you meant, but how could I turn down a chance to point a gun on you? >P

Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life

Sound like something from a fairytale of unfortunate drama? ^-^

You should try.

*Does the emo flippy hair thingy*

Man! My new hair looks so rad! >w< I can't help but going out and letting the breeze ruffle my new colors!
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Report | 07/20/2007 5:32 pm


Nice to have a welcoming committee. lmao
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Report | 07/19/2007 8:59 pm

Rainbow Sedative

User Image

Look, kiddies! It's the wonderful Condom Plant! Make friend with it, because when whacking off because a dull, forget all the lessons in the old shul! xD

I'm sorry, I had to do that. >w>;;;


Now, should I read you a definition of the word stop, because that means not doing it at all! At all! That means your hand shouldn't be anywhere but above the no-no zone and it shouldn't be rubbing/stroking/massaging/playing/jerking/any kind of pleasure involved gesture! -o-

Uh-huh... Squeeze me? You wanna bet on that, little kid? -o-

Different tastes, how so? Then again think of it this way:

Would I really be all that entertaining to have you waste your time on me if I didn't have my differences that although ostracize me from various aspects of life and come off as somewhat of a cynic?

:Exactly, lovey-dovey~!

Then, lucky I'm not one, eh? Mm, not all do and who ever said loving one? Love is such a strong and misguided word, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind a one night stand with one and waking up the next morning to coffee and never seeing that person again, then again come to think of it I always like to be in places where it's so dark we forget who we are~!

No guy would mine being the guy when it comes to doing the down and dirty with girls! Speaking of which, funny thing happened to me when I went to see that one person again... >->; I would have had some boner though... O-O

It's sad though since I didn't go all the way I was left in the dust, again...

You're always on the outside looking in!?


Peeping tom! >O

Oh, with Kalamari? ^-^ Err... His character was Masakari but I always called him Kalamari, I wanted to level with him.

Every time we had a plan to do it, something always came up.

Like a Garrison, farming, curfews, current parties, or some bullshit, last one I think was a mission, I'm not sure if he was when I got stuck in that one Shakarami Maze or when I was training Yagudos is Giddeus... o-o;

By the by: This is for you~!!

User Image

A reminder! xD

I just want the chance to play alongside him, since I've missed him so much and because he was like the older brother I lost.
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Report | 07/19/2007 4:16 pm


I'm sry what do u want me to do about it
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Report | 07/18/2007 11:47 pm

Rainbow Sedative

I like being dominated...

*Munches on newspaper hat*

Those big arms, that rock hard...


Horny, psh! Like you should be talking!
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Report | 07/18/2007 11:40 pm

Rainbow Sedative

Hehe, you're never any fun! xD

Hey, any race can do any job; however, crappy or ill-suited he/she maybe... >->;

With who the Galka?

Oh, I always wanted to have wild hard sex! xD
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Report | 07/18/2007 11:33 pm

Rainbow Sedative

Aw, I'm not evenn leveling, I'm just farming since I'm waiting for a friend to get back so I can do what I always wanted to do with him. That's also why I've been saving a lot of money and doing a lot of work, I wanted to be able to bribe my parents to let me stay up so I could party with him. Come to think of it I was going to make a new character on a different server, since I can't level on the Remora one I don't want to get rusty so I was thinking starting over and taking it from the WHM instead of RDM, what do you think?

Aw, I'm ever so sorry... But being good all the time is so lame, I would know, so would a few of my ex's one who plays on there and was abnned for some time! ^w~

Humes are so lame... Galka!

Hard a**l butt sekcs with Galka... Now I think I remember why I had to delete my Galka character...
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Report | 07/18/2007 11:20 pm

Rainbow Sedative

I know! xD Unfortunately that's what got my ex to finally drop all communication with me, period. I was being calm, wasn't a push over, I was silly and ridiculous as always but I wasn't fighting her, and as soon as I had stopped that she said her entire life would be boring and, well, long story short:

The one I had intended getting to know for the rest of my life and asking to marry me, got tired of me.

Yea, I'mma guy! xD I never play the females...

I would play again but I got farming to do on FFXI, I made so many friends here on Gaia and I'll hate not being around to be zany and random! ;-; Plus I've been working out a lot more and doing a lot more things offline, which as you may have guessed been taking up a large sum of my time, y'know?
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Report | 07/18/2007 11:08 pm

Rainbow Sedative

The way I see it is a minute's worth is greater than a year's worth, throughout a year of nothing but happiness, you begin to distaste life, don't ya? Let's face it, always the same repetitive thing becomes boring.

Used to play, I had started a new character after quitting, I think it should still be there, I forgot what server, btu at any rate the character was the one I had started with my ex-boyfriend : KandiCoon, I think that's how I spelled it! @-@

I always do, silly little boy! x3 But when it comes to being allowed to act as a y'know and no one betrothed to hate me then I'm always more than willing to work with some one and play the part~!
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Report | 07/18/2007 10:58 pm

Rainbow Sedative

Aye, I hear to that...

Mm, pretty good, but I had to delay it since I got the part in the play, I get to play leading male! >3

What could you possibly need to do though?...
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Report | 07/18/2007 10:31 pm

Rainbow Sedative

I'm always on! @=@

Don't you dare and try and scar my rainbies! I just always hangout at the Minishop forums or Word Games... Rarely the Chatterbox, but a of late I've been looking for some work around and yea, found my way accidentally there... As opposed to you who hasn't made an appearance, last I checked, two months?
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Report | 06/30/2007 10:37 pm

Rainbow Sedative

You haven't been on in a long-long time... That's no good!

Nope nope~!
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Report | 02/22/2007 2:18 pm

Rainbow Sedative

Bored so random dropping by! *Huggles* Gay rape! >D *Kisses*
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Report | 02/14/2007 3:19 pm


HAPPY BIRTHDAY/HAPPY VALENITINES DAY well yea ummm thats all i wanted to say X3
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Report | 02/11/2007 1:45 pm


I look like a ninja-gangster? o_o;; Is that good or bad? XD
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Report | 02/05/2007 7:11 am


haha u had 2 go 2 school today or did u ditch again
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