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Astaroth Malkavian
Astaroth Malkavian

I love that bass...

Meet the guy behind the avi! Scroll down...

Hello there! I'm Martin, but you can call me Astaroth.
By the way, I'm not Astaroth as the Soul Caliber character,
and also, I don't even like that game.
My nickname stands for the ancient biblic demon.
Ok, let's continue: I'm a bassist
(a bassist under construction, to be honest XD ).
I also love art in each of its expression, and reading
it's one of my reasons to live. Trully, don't mess with
books or you'll be facing my anger.
A little more about my readings: My favorite writer is
H.P.Lovecraft. I also like Edgar Allan Poe, Alexei Tolstoi,
Guy de Maupassant, Stephen King and many others.
I also enjoy reading politics books. I care a lot about that.
I don't believe in god. In any god at all.
I believe in equalty for every single person in the world.
I consider myself an open minded person, so i really
don't care if the people around me are straight, gay,
religeous, not religeous, or whatever. I like to respect
people and being respected. That means if you don't
respect me, i'll stop being polite with you.
Oh, i'm goth. Maybe you have already realized about that.
I like random pm's, so if you feel like talking to me,
do it. Maybe i'm not the most social person you've met,
but i like to make friends.
That's me. If there's something more you would like to
know, feel free to ask.
May the force be with you. (Yeah, i also love Star Wars)

This band rocks my socks!

The coolest chick eva!

Shine the headlight, straight into my eyes.
Like the roadkill, I'm paralysed.
You see through my disguise

At the drive-in, double feature,
pull the lever, break the fever
and say your last goodbyes.

Since I was born I started to decay.
Now nothing ever ever goes my way

One fluid gesture, like stepping back in time.
Trapped in amber, petrified.
I'm still not satisfied

Airs and social graces, elocution so divine.
I'll stick to my needle, and my favourite waste of time,
both spineless and sublime.

Since I was born I started to decay.
Now nothing ever - ever goes my way.