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The basics - My names Nichole, but you can call me whatever you'd like, or come up with an appropriate nickname.
I am probably the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. I live in a small town, and I love it here. I love to joke around with my friends, and have a good time!

Well, now - I have been around Gaia since about 2004, I've been through many name changes, and have made many memories, but as which time moves on, and I look for more to make everyday! I'm a mechanic, hardcore gamer (MLG), street racer, equestrian, and a car finatic; many would say I'm a tomboy, and they're exactly right. As every tomboy has a girly side, I do as well - I can drive a car, and have heels on at the same time, see .. that proves it. ^- ^

Anywho - I have much more to say, but I'd rather you just make a conversation with me, don't be scared to just come up to me in towns, or wherever I may be, and say "what's up", I don't bite; hard. Looking forward to meeting some new people.


Q- Will you donate?
A- I do not donate, unless you're a close friend of mine, sorry.
Q- Your favoirte car?
A- A Hennessey Venom GT
Q- How old are you?
A- You'll find out
If you have any questions for me, please do ask, so they can be put up!

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The one behind the avatar. Clicky the shapes 'n stuff.


This one guy . .

Well, he goes by the name Craig, or whatever doesn't really matter. ;D
Anyways, he's the raddest guy I've ever met, we just met like.. yesterday, and he's already blown me away, found out we have some awesome stuff in common, he's supuh sweet, and want's to fly; I'm hoping that I change his mind on a certain something. But, that's all I can think of right meow. OH! We're getting married someday. <3

My Lovely

My lovely, Jess. You are the most amazing gal I've ever met! You're just so nice, and sweet. I'm so glad I met you .. like 3 days ago. ;D we're already calling eachother bestfriends, I love it when it's like that. I f*cking love you girly. <3

That's rad.