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Character Name: Artemis Entreri
Birthday: No one really knows
Sign: Gemini
Age: Unknown (last known to be in mid to late 50s)
Nickname: Artie, Mr. Scruffy
Race: Calishite (part hume, part shade)
Gender: Male
Job Class: Assassin
Appearance: Artemis Entreri is not very tall but compact with wiry muscles. He is possessed of angular features, striking high cheekbones, and prominant sideburns.Though he is usually clean-shaven, Artemis always seems to need a shave. His skin is a grayish hue but it has come to light that sometime in his adventures he battled a shade and thanks to his jeweled dagger, managed to absorb some its life force. His raven black hair is thick and full, but his eyes are gray and lifeless, portraying the emptiness of his life and his soul. Though being about 40 years old, Artemis has the lean athleticism of a man half his age.
Elemental: Shadow/Dark
Weapon(s): Charon's Claw, Vampiric Jeweled Dagger
Personality: Often cold and heartless upon first impression and remains that way until he feels comfortable around someone to even begin cracking a joke or a smile. Once he opens up, he is loyal, jokes, smiles and has a caring side, though rarely people see it. He often keeps business and pleasure separate; remembering the lesson all too well the last time he mixed the two.
Skills: (See Updated Profile)
Weaknesses: Sunlight has some effect on him; it burns him slightly and stings his eyes, but its not enough to slow him down.
Bio: An assassin originally from Faerun that wanders the world to find a place to call home. For the moment, he is settled down in Ivalice, running the Gemini House alongside Jarlaxle. The drow and him are close friends with Elizabeth.

"It is undeniably beautiful, do you not agree?" Jarlaxle asked, looking back at the soaring cathedral, with its tall spires, soaring buttresses, and great, colored windows.
"The mask of a god," Entreri replied sourly.
"The mask or the face?"asked the always-surprising Jarlaxle.
Entreri stared hard at his companion, and back at the towering cathedral."The mask," he said, "or perhaps the illusion, concocted by those who seek to elevate themselves above all others and have not the skills to do so."
Jarlaxle looked at him curiously.
"A man inferior with the blade or with his thoughts can still so elevate himself," Entreri explained curtly,"if he can impart the belief that some god or other speaks through him. It is the greatest deception in all the world, and one embraced by kings and lords, while minor lying thieves on the streets of Calimport and other cities lose their tongues for so attempting to coax the purses of others."
That struck Jarlaxle as the most poignant and revealing insight he had yet pried from the mouth of the elusive Artemis Entreri, a great clue as to who this man truly was.


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It is here that Entreri keeps his current thoughts of life. He only started after appearing here in this strange land. While at first it appears to be a list of people he has a desire to kill, it in acuality, might hold some deeper secret...


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James the Kind-Hearted

Report | 06/15/2012 12:35 pm

James the Kind-Hearted

"You need not know who I am, elf. You seek to instill fear, yet I am not as afraid as you think I should be. Believe me, I am not the enemy. Only....resemble him." James drew back his hood to reveal his features were identical to those of the King's, except his eyes were a topaz orange, and not a rust brown.
James the Kind-Hearted

Report | 09/10/2011 10:27 pm

James the Kind-Hearted

He made sure his coming was heard. The bells on his boots rang and echoed as Jaralaxle the drow entered the safe haven of the stranger. Satisfied he had been heard, Jarlaxle came to a stop, removed his hat and dusted it, showing he was bald underneath before placing it back atop his head. He fixed the stranger with a scowl and focused his visible left eye, the right blocked by a eyepatch, on the man before him. "And," He began. "Who might you be to giving my darling such orders? Or rather should I ask, who dare has the balls?" Jarlaxle crossed his arms. "Take care your words for they might be your last."

"Hmm? Oh, you. The Lady's betrothed. If you saw where I suggested the Lady, you'd see a certain powerful Cleric is about to be burned at the stake." James sipped his tea as he relaxed against a tree.
Chamonde FlameBringer

Report | 05/08/2011 11:38 pm

Chamonde FlameBringer

whatcha nude for ASSASSIN?

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lol True. *huggles* Well At least I'm on.... or trying to be. lol *hugs*
What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Report | 11/17/2010 9:48 pm


Me too. I have missed you guys. *huggles*

It seems Gemini has been doing alright! I'm glad to see dancing in your place again, scruffy.

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ATREMIS!!! *super glomps*

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I wish I had the money TO go see.

Report | 10/22/2010 9:51 pm


Have fun! Don't tell me how it turns out! lol

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*Gasp* So I do!


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