LOVE: Yaoi/Yuri, Imagining the impossible, arguing over nothing, tasteless remarks, trolling, good hearted monsters, demons who tuck me in at night.
pirate ninjas, smoking, drinking, random people, helping out homeless people.Oceans, Mythology, Music, New things , Learning, Food, Sleeping, Day dreaming.Tattoos, Taboo, men dress up as women, women dress as men, coffee, and tea, boba means large breasts in thai slang I think. Writing gay romances mini stories, cooking, putting on make up, rubbing one off every now and then, painting my nails, laughing, screaming, cuddling.Sex with srangers, furries and the vitcims they take. gay people, difference of opinions, cake, meat, souls that is drenched in blood, a caress full of blood and semen. warning about T.V and video games and shows destroying the lives of young ones where they were already corrupted and might as well enjoy the ride.

HATE: anime that doesnt make sense, assholes, closed minded c**t nuggets, the new slang these days, teenagers with no respect for elders,
chores, washing dishes with dirty water and a dirty rag, spoiled brats, predictable weather, bad breath, staying in one spot, repeating life, deep pools of water next to a sidewalk, (like a lake or something, IDK Y its an anxiety thing of falling in or something grabbing me and drowning,I guess). being abandoned , childish adults, crappy music, being left out. food without bacon.
people who are honest with themselves, undecisive with what they want in life, bills, sneaky booty bandits, people who text random and expect a conversation even though they havent talk to you in days, weeks or months. One night stands without a condoms, NOPE! the new dances people are making up nowadays, pussies who wont fight their own battles, cowards who cant own up to their actions.