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I am a Soldier, E4, and a huge f*cking nerd. Hell, I'd probably bore you to death with Army and hobby sh*t before you learn much. Otherwise I am self-taught on home-made revolution weaponry, psychology and some other scientific fields, mostly watching My Little Pony when reading such things.

I will accept you for who you are, unless you are of two different things; incapable of empathy or too apathetic to act on your own accord. I might have been taught to take care of the guy beside me, but he doesn't give up on me either. We must all fight together in life, period.

One more thing; I have Depersonalization disorder, probably, and commonly feel a disconnection from all of reality. It's as if every single thing is in a video game, but also with the feeling you get when absorbed into a good movie in a theater, where you feel close to what is happening, but still held at a distance because you are so far from the screen.


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Sneaker Pimps Report | 08/04/2012 4:10 pm
Sneaker Pimps
You know that is exactly how I feel about things to. I do it out of sheer boredom when other things stop making me so busy..
Sneaker Pimps Report | 08/01/2012 9:59 am
Sneaker Pimps
Why not log into Gaia anymore, I don't mush either.. I hate this anyway. But just curious?
Jymz0r Report | 04/22/2012 9:30 pm
Jymz0r Report | 04/22/2012 9:24 pm
Megatokyo for the win...
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/27/2012 9:14 am
Sneaker Pimps
I'm sorry.. I was just... gr. stressed
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/27/2012 7:59 am
Sneaker Pimps
Boy do I feel sheepish I did not even see it... sweatdrop
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/25/2012 9:31 am
Sneaker Pimps
Oh man that's pretty deep, but I forgot that mans face?!
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/25/2012 7:59 am
Sneaker Pimps
I was being serious but in a playful way. Maybe something scientific. I have been filling my brain with science lately, space science to be exact.
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/22/2012 2:02 pm
Sneaker Pimps
HAHAHAHAHA no goodness no I don't I was just trying to be funny. Was it a fail? crying
Sneaker Pimps Report | 03/22/2012 1:31 pm
Sneaker Pimps
Ohh I like it. But it's contraversial to my element!

How about, " I love him as much as I love myself. "

People might think it's God! Or somthing hahaha.


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"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."
~H.P. Lovecraft[/align:ce26cce085]