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This is Me

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Last Login: 05/05/2018 11:37 pm

Gender: Female

Im Wearing



Hey my name is AsianKittyCat858! If you want to add me u have to talk to me (or i know you in real life). If you don't I will delete chu. MWAHAHAHAHA!!! xP byez~

What I like-

Sky blue
Anime (Now watching Inuyasha)
Books (sometimes)
Trying new games
trying new technologies
Bring crazy and hyper
walking and talking with someone
being random~
smileys xD
being positive!
and more!


mean ppl
reading big books
moving away from my friends
losing friends
eating fish
putting friends in order
ppl makes me mad
loud noises during the morning
those non worked fowards
being negative
and more...

If you want learn more about me just talk! ^-^ okay bye~

oh btw who evr donates to me will go on my profile! thx!
need: money =^.^=
Donaters: (thx btw)
Gold heart pin- Bluedragon 30 (aka my nephew)
Heart of Gold- MindlessError
1,000 gold- Crypo
4,250g (i think)- Darke Wolfe
10,000- l AzN ViEt DoRk l

User Image

estimate gold value.... 8,651,710g

I Got A Yellow Heart!

Yellow Heart!
You are happy, cheerful and bright. Like the sun illuminating the earth you bring that same feeling of warmth and happiness to everyone you are in contact with. You are full of energy and love the sunshine! You are very optimistic and power through tough times with your eyes never straying from the happy ending in the near future. Keep up your happy and perky attitude as you help others more than you think.


You are adventurous, spontaneous, and the life of the party because you feel a need to be noticed, and loved. Although you have many friends, you only confide in those closest to you, and hide your insecurities from others. You need freedom, and for others to appreciate you, and praise you. Red souls like you. You may disappoint blue souls. Other yellow souls will likely get you into trouble. White souls are unlikely friends because they're so quiet and reserved.

Under the Moon
By- AsianKittyCat858

Opening my eyes
As I see the silver crest upon the midnight sky
This moon is my prize
And I know why

The moon is my heart
It always brighten in the dark
It is always a part
Of my life spark

As I stretch on the blue, glittering grass
And the murmuring wind is talking to me
And the night stars is a little, sparkling pieces of glass
And to my left, is the humming bee.

As the sun rises upon the sky,
And the sun rays reaches across the blue sky,
Like a golden chain wrap around the earth
This is all it worth.


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Spiderdude1991 Report | 04/06/2013 12:14 am
hey copy/paste this to 10 profiles then logoff and login check ur money yoll have 100,000
Midnight Muncher Report | 04/04/2012 10:21 pm
Midnight Muncher
Lol wat do u mean? XD
Midnight Muncher Report | 03/20/2012 1:44 am
Midnight Muncher
LOL thanks! xD
Midnight Muncher Report | 12/31/2011 6:02 am
Midnight Muncher
Silent Scope aka Raven Report | 12/10/2011 10:56 am
Silent Scope aka Raven
._. I suppose you dont remember me as I dont remember you either.
Midnight Muncher Report | 12/10/2011 2:41 am
Midnight Muncher
lmao really??
Midnight Muncher Report | 10/14/2011 1:15 am
Midnight Muncher
LOL thanks XD
It's been a while, how are you?
Midnight Muncher Report | 08/24/2011 1:35 am
Midnight Muncher
heeeey! havent been on in a while! wats up? ^^
bluedragon30 Report | 03/02/2011 5:29 pm
i kno...
bluedragon30 Report | 02/28/2011 4:18 pm
you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f5 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!!!!