hey whats upp
the names tyler chan..
Im proud to be a half chinese & half filipino guy.
Im not rude or a b***h,just open minded.
So dont get it mixed upp okk?.
What i like to do on my free time is hangout wit family and friends, go on myspace, texting on my phone, listen to music, play video games, and play bball.
I have a very bad habbit of buying Clothes and Shoes.
I’m easy to get along with.
you like me? Lets be friends.
Dislike me? just get outta my life.
Without my family and friends who knows where I’d be...
Wanna knoe more bout me,just getatme

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Skull Biker Black Gloves
Ancient Katana
Silver Promise Ring
Nitemare Scarf
Black Dress Boot
Spirit Falcon
Black Goth Pants
Black Wool Top
Male Boxers / Underwear
Coal Gunner Coat