Hey my names Shreya. I go to Southeast Highschool & ima junior. I guess ima "noob". I have no idea how to do anything on here lol but i'll get the hang of it. What is there to know about me? Well I'm not your typical girl. I'm a mess 99.9% of the time, i have a very low self-esteem, & happiness is always short-lived with me. But don't get me wrong, i do have my good days where i laugh constantly & feel like nothing could bring me down. =D Once you know me, you'll know that most of the time i can be bubbly & outgoing. The people i love more than anything & they keep me going are known as my BFFs. I have absolutely no idea where i'd be without them. I love helping people out & im easy to talk to, so don't hesitate. Im a sucker for love stories & i could read those quotes on photobucket all day long. I tend to daydream a lot...escaping from reality is what i do best. I know im not perfect, in fact im probably the farthest thing from it, but i've got great friends and my whole life in front of me.

-I'd love to travel the world some day.
-I love harry potter
-Eyeliner is a must
-Romantic books/movies
-Best friends

Lookie..my dream avatar =D
it would be AWESOMENESS if i could get all of the stuff!
SO um if u want to donate to a noob.... =D

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Hi Friend,
i like your avi it looks nice !

Report | 01/15/2010 2:30 pm


Its coolio!
i got it at hobby lobby.. it is wonderfull but the ink goes everywhere on my hands D; surprised
yeah am still making u guys it .... its just i dont have time and it takes forever to do ._. aww its fine its not like am going to attack u if u didnt watch it smile
OMG SHERYA!!! IM IN the writing contest thing mabob lol :'D i need to read alot of news and literary stufff D;
awww well have funnn biggrin amgoing to a rodio thing tomarrow -_- random yes..
i have been good just mega tired and you?
raward har har XD
lub u too!

Report | 01/09/2010 6:47 pm


you loggged ouff.. sad
-walks in cirles- babby come back u can blame it all on me XDD
>> -_-
if u do come back yahoo yes boo? biggrin

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Nooooes you finishe it? XD
aww am glad you liked it
yes ma'ma i finished it! biggrin but i kinda have a bad memory and forgot what happend ><
surprised yes a x-mas present XD i said i was going to make u something toooo and cathy,ect smile
alll day? surprised
i got the most best pen ever 20 dollers worth plus cleaning,ink,papper for it biggrin <33 ugh it amazing but i staind my hand with the ink am ish bored here an am ichyyy the cough is making me itch.. sad
mine has been ok and yours? smile

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i ish bored at my moms bf's house...
-.- he has amazing old stuff but...bored..and alone..on his cough.. talk to meh! :'D

Report | 01/09/2010 8:58 am


its too late isnt it D:
-_- OMG!!.. -Thinks-
uhhh....i forgot ><

Report | 01/09/2010 6:15 am


surprised yay
Your welcome! Noooeeesss dont read it onlineeeee.. sad
i wanted to help you get your own serierssssss biggrin surprised
XD but am glad you loved it <33
omg am almost finished welll... -_- i need more than half to finish your other present for x-mas lol

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Helllo! biggrin
Your welcome. smile
surprised just dont selll it i rather you cherish it wink
so whats up? surprised

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Report | 01/05/2010 1:27 pm


Hey hey hey wink
Likes what ya see?
omg we should take pic with avisss!!!