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Ashton's Boutique is inspired by me Ashton Butler, mainly because I have never had a easy life. If it wasn't one thing it was another and making this Boutique and sharing my Art with the world gives me motivation to not only be a better person but to work hard at something even though you don't know what tomorrow will bring you.

On June 3, 2013 I was Diagnosed with PAH (Pulmonary Artery Hypertension), a diagnosis that will be the cause of my death. At twenty years old, almost twenty one you don't want to hear you have a terminal case. Especially if you have a fiance, a mortgage, and a job you have to keep going on. When my Doctor finally told me my case was terminal and I was a primary candidate and I was registered as disabled and no longer allowed to work I had to think of something to keep my spirits going; also to continue with the next couple years of life I had left to the fullest and not wasting one second. So there was a few things I was good at and one of them was making crafts that actually looked half way decent. When I was ten years old my Grandmother taught me to crochet and since then I had worked hard to advance my skills as best as I could. It wasn't always easy, I thought about giving up a lot because crochet, even though it is fun, it is hard to perfect. Even still I was dedicated to the craft. When I turned twelve years old I had been diagnosed with Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes, something I had inherited from my father another thing I would have to live with for the rest of my life to complicate my health as so I thought. to think I thought that was all the problems I was going to have health wise in my life. Boy was I wrong. ..

When I turned thirteen my father passed away from his diabetes and you can bet that scared the life out of me. From then on there I started doing whatever it took to take care of myself.That included regular glucose checks while monitoring the levels, insulin injections, watching my carbohydrate intake, plus drinking water constantly.Then something happened that brightened my dark dim life a bit. When I turned the young age of eighteen I fell in love with a man who loved me back equally. We bought a home, got jobs, we even planned out our future together. Then something horrible started happening, I knew my life was to good to be true I thought. I began to swell like the little girl in the Willy Wonka movie except they couldn't squeeze me back, it just wouldn't go down. I couldn't walk more than ten feet without feeling dizzy and almost passing out. I would see little white lights flashing around me at times while I felt like I left my body to float up above me numerous times. I just thought it was my diabetes finally taking a toll on my body, so I ignored it and forced myself to work! Little to be known because I loved that man, more than anything on this earth; I just wanted to show him how strong I was. Yet at the time I did not know, I was literally killing myself slowly. To think I tried to tell my bosses where I worked something was wrong and I needed less hours, they just looked at me and laughed and told me I was nothing special and increased my hours to be ugly. You could clearly see something was wrong with me, my whole body was beginning to turn purple I had gained almost one hundred pounds in a year. I even tried everything from water pills to drinking less water to restricting my sodium intake altogether, nothing worked. It was getting to the point that I couldn't even go to the potty by myself. Finally, it was time for my visit to see my Diabetic Doctor, and this time my mother went with me. Even my mother didn;t know how bad I was because I had moved away with the love of my life to begin our life. She couldn't see me everyday like when I was a child to know and I didn't really tell her much about my situation because I didn't want her to worry about me. When she did see me though after I begged her to go with me she was mortified by my transformation. As soon as the Doctor appointment came she had a list of everything she noted down about me and what I had told her. Not missing a single detail about me she told the Doctor about all of my issues. The Doctor who looked equally as worried had me scheduled for an Echo ASAP. Basically what that is, is they took images of my heart like they would a baby in an ultra sound. Even the X-Ray lady seemed a little frightened when I walked in for the procedure.

A day went by and the Doctor called me in urgency and left me a voicemail to call her back ASAP! So I did placing her on three way on the phone with my mother and I both of us holding our breaths. We waited for her to tell us the news as she took a deep breath herself she said, "Miss. Butler you have something called PAH and it is terminal, you will need to see more Doctors about this issue ASAP. I will schedule with our cardiac and lung specialist's after this phone call. They should be in touch with you soon." She then explained to me exactly what PAH was and I held in my tears to be strong for my mother, like I knew she was trying to do for me. After that call from then on there I have been scheduled to several Doctors including several different visits running hundreds of different tests on me like I was a lab rat in maze trying to find the cheese but always failing to find it.

Although, through all of that the thing that hurts me the most is that I will never be able to have children; the reason of that is the medication I am on will automatically kill any forming Fetus. I knew my fiance wanted children and here recently I told him that I need to go live back with my mother because the burden was to strong for him to handle. Even though he denied it he and I knew it was true. As I await my trials for disability and the end of my life I stay positive. I am motivated to work and I am ambitious even though I don't have very long to do much I want to make the most out of what I have and accomplish what I can.

So that is where I decided Ashton's Boutique was to be formed. I have been making random items for my shop in high hopes of filling the world with my art. Creating a Facebook Page to get the word out as well as an Twitter to tweet the news. So I ask you to help support me while I go on this adventure till the end. Even if you never buy anything from me help me by telling your friends and family. I want the world to know me before I disappear and never have anyone say I didn't try.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my story and supporting me along by my side on my journey. Bless you and may all your dreams come true! Also to my sister, you have been the bestest friend I ever had. Your company and faith in me has been something I truly cherished. Even though we argue a lot I know we both hold a bond stronger than any substance found and I love you. To my mother who has been there for me since day one, I thank you. You will never know how much all your help and dedication to me has truly meant to me. I love you always and forever more. Last but not least my love, my handsome man, Christian you are forever my hedgehog and even though we don't see eye to eye with each other the life we had together I will carry on with me till the end. I love you more than there are stars and back infinity amount of times. Thank you all, I will never forget any of it and may God bless you with the best of the best in life and in the heavens. Same to all my fans and those who support me. I may never talk to you or meet you in person but I love you and I thank you.


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jellykans Report | 12/23/2015 5:03 am
Happy Birthday!
XVNekioVX Report | 10/28/2014 7:15 pm
Hey, I was just seeing if you were okay or not. I haven't heard from you in a while...
Felina75 Report | 05/30/2014 9:55 am
Hi Ash. I hope you are doing good. We miss you in Totally Hooked. You're my prayers. heart
stargaze_69 Report | 11/01/2013 8:48 am
I hope everything is okay, been thinking about you heart you are in my thoughts and prayers get well soon Ash!
HierKommtDieZombie Report | 10/17/2013 2:53 am
We all miss you over at Sublime; I hope everything is okay heart
MissBelleCherie Report | 09/05/2013 10:40 pm
cool avi
I Akira Seragaki I Report | 08/30/2013 5:08 pm
I Akira Seragaki I
I absolutely love your profile! o w o Oh wow! You live in the State right next to mine! I live in Tennessee! ^ w ^
Royal Lodge Report | 08/29/2013 8:16 am
Royal Lodge
Firstly, I got the music from YouTube.
You copy the URL of the song you want.
Then you paste that into the "Media" section on your page.
(You may have to edit your profile and place a Media section onto your page somewhere.
Second part coming via Private Message.
shakefrost Report | 08/27/2013 10:36 am
well that is what matters the most c: and it is lovely, too
shakefrost Report | 08/26/2013 3:40 pm
very pink indeed

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