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WOULD YOU LIKE A MUFFIN?! Oh hai my name is Ashley (not ash, ash3 but u can call me heyo) Little things about me.. I liked the twilight books so shove it up your A**! I make horse farms out of those chess pieces LOVE football My dream house is made out of chocolate And and...

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"


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Dark Princess Chelsea Report | 06/11/2011 7:39 am
Dark Princess Chelsea
Thanks for the purchase! :3
thin white girl lips Report | 08/02/2010 9:19 pm
thin white girl lips
herro :3

RAPE THAT b***h~

i lol at jesse's music.
Phork Report | 06/02/2010 12:48 am

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Hmm. I guess you`re not alright, Fraulein.

thin white girl lips Report | 06/02/2010 12:31 am
thin white girl lips
i don't think i was there when you told me because i honestly do not recall that.
thin white girl lips Report | 06/02/2010 12:22 am
thin white girl lips
why is it? i haven't done anything wrong have i? i just want to be friends with you guys cuz your such an awesome bunch of people.
i just wish that everybody would get oer that yeah, i'm out there, and i don't want to be normal. it's just boring. hense why i wear
rainbow socks, shorts, flannel shirts and my stitch hat pretty much every mufti. it's because no one else is going to be wearing it, so
i can feel different, and people would actually notice me for once. i also want nicola to be my firned, but i don't think that will be happening.
so all i ask for is an explanation on why everybody thinks i'm lying all the time and why no one likes me. it's all i ask.
thin white girl lips Report | 06/02/2010 12:14 am
thin white girl lips
guy listening to his ipod in a bar? i never told a joke like that. i told you about my friend with her ipod on the bus but that was truth.
i have never been to a bar because if you know me, i have never had a sip of alcohol, never stay out past ten, never have or will smoke,
or have sex.
Phork Report | 06/01/2010 11:53 pm

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-Franziska gatecrashes your profile-.
Hmph, How`re you darl. Hope you`re doing as Perfectly perfect as I am, Ja?

thin white girl lips Report | 06/01/2010 11:48 pm
thin white girl lips
its the only thing i don't understand, it seems to me like you all hate me. if you do, please tell me. i can sort it out then.
thin white girl lips Report | 06/01/2010 11:39 pm
thin white girl lips
you guys do this and laugh and when i do it you all raise your eyebrows and sigh. WTF.
Phork Report | 06/01/2010 11:39 pm



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