"With a little bit of power comes great mischief."
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Luv is a sugar coated dream.
fluffy blissful clouds of happiness carry u along until
* * * * * * * *< ( ( (SPLAT ) ) ) > * * * * * * * * *
u hit the wall of REALITY ! !
Ur teeth are rattled ur heart is bruised and everything
u believed in crashes to shards around u.
Oh joy of joys, this luv.

Apparently I am a b***h and people seem to not like me once they get to know me.

Oddly, no one ever asks why I'm a witch.

Once upon a time

. . . there was a bright girl with a dark soul. We'll call her "Sera."
Her mother had wished for a perfectly average little girl, with all her toes and fingers, but she got Sera instead.
Soon after she was born (with all 10 fingers and toes) she would smile up at all the nurses. One nurse commented on how unusual it was for a newborn baby to smile and Sera's mom was worried.
As she grew and learned to speak and learned to read and dress herself and not yet even 4 people commented on how unusual that was. And Sera's mom worried.
Now she was 8 and she was bored sitting in class with the other children her age but the teacher told her how important it is to pay attention because she needed to get good grades.
So she did. She almost never got a question wrong. She was still terribly bored in her classes so she would do the entire workbook for each subject in the first week and then read about other things. And Sera's teacher was worried.
By the 3rd grade the other kids didnt like her cause she never seemed to study but almost never got a question wrong. Her teachers started to dislike her cause if they said something wrong Sera would correct them and she was always right if she did.
By the end of middle school Sera read all of her class books the first week then spent the rest of the semster reading other things. Advanced things. She found a couple of teachers to encourage her but most didnt like a student as smart or more then themselves and just let her be.
When she got to high school she had heard kids talking about skipping grades. No one had ever told her about this and she wanted to. The first semester she passed every class as always but this time made a point of asking if she could take all the tests at the beginning of the semester. Most of her teachers laughed and said no but the 2nd semester some said yes, and soon there was no laughing. When she passed all the tests she was allowed to start the next years classes and again and again, rarely not passing through.
At 15 she had passed every one of her classes as well as several advanced classes and so she started at University. "Sera" is starting her 3rd year at University now with a major in Pre-Med and Psychology. She still has almost no friends but no one treats her bad for being smart anymore.

. . .so, here's what happened

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so anyway it wasn't my fault!!, right!
That cat had been whispering in my ear all night, right?.
Nasty little, fun sorts of whispers
that I was trying very hard to ignore.
Really. heheheh . . .
so. I was mixing up this potion to, um, well,
sort of, you know,
. . . just a bit . . .
So no biggie. Right!?
Hey, come on. I am a witch after all.
i would've turned her back.
And just when I'm at the most crucial part of the incantation that's when the cat decides to jump off my hat. He knocks over everything on the work bench and I get splashed.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .and I'm a horse.
Who could have foreseen something like this happening from playing around with the ELEMENTAL FORCES OF NATURE? Who!?

. . . and the pixies are refusing to clean it up.
What do I pay them a stick of butter a week for!?
ARRGGHH!!! what a mess.

. . . so, here's what happened this time

. . . okay so I'm at the cauldron, dictating a message home when I get inspired. Why not try my kitten spell again.
okay, okay, I know what you're thinking, but stick me. My story gets better.
I check all the doors and windows: everythings locked and
NO PURPLE CAT. So all's good.
I have all the ingredients.
the dodo fluff is fresh.
bat tonsils, check.
the bat's in the kitchen eating ice cream. so he's cool.
I've got lots of cat footfalls and cat purr.
Black rose petals and everything else.
so I bring the base to a boil and add all the rest of the ingredients.
Let simmer.
It's all going good.
Then the dodo sneezed.
At least I look really good this time. SMEXY, yeah . . .
I could've ended up a dodo.

Is it possible I just don't have the aptitude for magic?
Could I be venturing down a path I can never return from?
Am I in over my depth?
It's all good.


Dream Avi Project

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Wistful Serendipity
Ashlee Inara

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This Smoke
and Mona.
They aren't
part any dream
avi, but look at them,
aren't they the cutest ever!?

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